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 WEEK 15 (thru Friday)

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PostSubject: WEEK 15 (thru Friday)   WEEK 15 (thru Friday) EmptySat Jan 12, 2019 1:14 pm

WEEK 15 (thru Friday) P74MuhZ
Despite being pounded by the Vegas Vipers for much of the week, the Ice Cats are still breathing thanks mostly to the play of Jake Guentzel, the 7th round draft pick netting a 9.0 point hat trick on Friday, the Cats still with a puncher’s chance heading into an 18-game weekend.

Vegas Vipers: 50.4
Ice Cats: 34.7
No one appears to be steering the Ice Cats ship but that didn’t stop the team from posting the best Friday score, a 13.0 point outing drawing the stray Cats to within 15.7 of their opponent. While the Vegas Vipers are in dire need of a win, most of their attention has been focused on the heels of the Boulder Flyers, the Vipers now just 2.1 steps from the league's front door.

Central Red Army: 45.5
Misconducts: 34.8
The Central Red Army were the better Friday team, GM Buker’s troops outpointing the Misconducts 6.0 to 4.0, the 7-7 Army leading GM Smalley’s 9-5 team by 10.7 points heading into a broad 12-game Saturday.

Badger Bob: 36.2
Boulder Flyers: 26.4
While tolerating whispers of “First to Worst” in recent weeks, GM Chester has ironically flipped the script - Badger Bob skating toward a “Worst Beats First” takedown of their opponent - the 12th place Bobs leading the 1st place Boulder Flyers by 9.8.

SC Cobras: 39.4
Wild Ducks: 41.8

Evgeni Malkin made a rare trip to Bonusland on Friday, the relatively quiet 5th overall draft pick harvesting 1 goal, 3 assists and 8.0 points, the SC Cobras scurrying closer to the Wild Ducks, GM Murphy’s win-hopeful squad now trailing the Ducks by just 2.4 points.

Polar Bears: 47.0
Bluliners: 44.0
The closest match of the week remains close after the Polar Bears scooted another 1.4 points in front, the Bears "thru Friday" advantage still meager at 3.0 points.

Ice Hogs: 35.8
Concussion Junction: 17.7

Concussion Junction gained 2.0 points on their opponent on Friday but the hole in which they stand still appears to be inescapable, the Ice Hogs leading the muffled Junk by a still cozy 18.1.

LINK: Standings
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WEEK 15 (thru Friday)
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