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 WEEK 4 (thru Friday)

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PostSubject: WEEK 4 (thru Friday)   WEEK 4 (thru Friday) EmptySat Oct 27, 2018 12:29 pm

WEEK 4 (thru Friday) VSuM7Sr
A pivotal member of the WTF Line (MacKinnon, Rantanen and Landeskog) Mikko Rantanen (1g, 3a) provided his Vegas Vipers team with pivotal points on Friday, the 3rd round draft pick with a remarkable 5 goals and 15 assisis in his first 11 games of the season.

Vegas Vipers: 28.1
Ice Cats: 28.1

The Vegas Vipers were crapping out before Friday put points in their pocket, a league-best 15.1 point performance squaring this match, both teams with 28.1 points heading into a 17-game weekend.

Bluliners: 40.0
Polar Bears: 17.3
Yesterday you could cover the top 3 teams with a hand towel. Today you’ll need a bath towel and two Handi Wipes, the Bluliners now leading the Ducks by 6.2; the Flyers by 11.6. The Bluliners are also leading their H2H opponent, the B’s 22.7 points better than the Bears.

SC Cobras: 27.1
Wild Ducks: 43.8

The Fat Lady has been told “nothing to see here” as the SC Cobras again outpointed the Wild Ducks. Despite slowing the Ducks remain in control of this non-divisional affair, their solid start still good for a 16.7 point lead.

Boulder Flyers: 39.7
Badger Bob: 14.6
With only 1.0 point on Friday the Boulder Flyers opened the door for Badger Bob - but the wobbling Bobs walked into the door frame, a 2.0 point outing leaving GM Chester’s squad a distant 25.1 points back.

Misconducts: 47.1
Central Red Army: 31.6

Both teams netted a single point on Friday. While the score doesn’t remain the same, the deficit does, the Central Red Army still trailing the Misconducts by 15.5.

Concussion Junction: 23.9
Ice Hogs: 27.8
Good news for Concussion Junction: They scored more points than the Ice Hogs on Friday. Bad news: They outscored their opponent by 0.1, the Junction still looking up at the Hogs, trailing by 3.9.

LINK: Standings­­
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WEEK 4 (thru Friday)
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