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 WEEK 11 (thru Friday)

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PostSubject: WEEK 11 (thru Friday)   WEEK 11 (thru Friday) EmptySat Dec 15, 2018 11:40 am

WEEK 11 (thru Friday) E6nDGrf
Santa Ovechkin continues to deliver early Christmas presents to his grateful Misconducts team, the ageless sniper ripping his second consecutive hat trick on Friday, the marauding Misconducts moving to within 6.2 points of 1st place.

Misconducts: 72.3
Badger Bob: 41.6
With the Misconducts posting a Friday-best tally of 22.9 points and a week-best tally of 72.3, Badger Bob has been mercilessly laid to rest, the once squirming team not squirming anymore, the Bobs trailing the Misconducts by a cavernous 30.7.

Wild Ducks: 32.9
Boulder Flyers: 59.5
While not quite Ovechkinean, Mark Scheifele has been on a bit of a tear himself, another 2g, 1a, 7.0 pt. performance pacing the Boulder Flyers 20.8 point Friday attack, the 1st place birds now leading the 8th place Wild Ducks by 26.6.

Central Red Army: 52.7
Concussion Junction: 24.3

With so many lopsided matches the overweight and overworked Fat Lady could be performing triple-duty this week, the Central Red Army still in firm control of this mismatch, leading the Concussed Junction by 28.4 with only Saturday and Sunday remaining in the week.

Polar Bears: 35.8
Ice Cats: 44.2

The hot then cold then hot then hot again then cold then cold then hot then cold again Polar Bears were cold on Friday, the Ice Cats having their way with their frigid opponent, a firm 15.0 point Friday providing GM Cutshall with an 8.4 point lead.

Vegas Vipers: 31.9
Bluliners: 51.9
Funeral arrangements are currently being made for the playoff hopes of the Vegas Vipers, GM Hamilton driving another nail into the coffin on Friday, the Bluliners now in full control of this feud, leading the vaporizing Vipers by 20.0.

SC Cobras: 35.4
Ice Hogs: 28.3
The SC Cobras enjoyed a 12.0 point Friday and now enjoy a late-week lead, GM Murphy’s 3rd place franchise leading the 9th place Ice Hogs by 7.1 heading into a 10-game Saturday.

LINK: Standings
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WEEK 11 (thru Friday)
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