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PostSubject: WEEK 7 (FINAL)   Sat Nov 29, 2014 3:01 am

With Steven Stamkos watching helplessly from the bench, the Ice Hogs lost for the first time in 2014-15; butchered by GM Megan's merciless Redliners.

Redliners: 51.8
Ice Hogs: 19.7

The Ice Hogs were handed their first loss of the season, severely beaten by the Redliners who cruised to a 31.1 victory. By posting the week's lowest score the once flying-high Hogs, 6-1, slumped to 3rd place in the overall standings; seated behind the Polar Bears and Wild Ducks. Meanwhile the Redliners closed to within 47.2 of first place, their H2H record the league's second best at 5-2.

Bluliners: 51.0
Polar Bears: 48.6

After Thursday night's action the first place (overall) Polar Bears were poised to grab a share of the H2H lead. It was not to be as the Bluliners rallied for 21.3 on Friday, stunning GM Elya's Bears on the final day of the week. As a result the Bears departed the week with a record of 5-2, still one game behind the H2H leading Ice Hogs. With the improbable victory the Bluliners improved to 3-4, their deficit in the overall standings now a shade better at 62.3.

Boulder Flyers: 56.9
Ice Cats: 41.5

The Boulder Flyers posted the week's highest score, improving to 3-4 with the comfortable 15.4 victory. In the overall standings the Flyers remain in 4th place, the hole they're standing in not quite as deep at 32.1. With the loss the Ice Cats fell to 2-5, their position in the Cup-chase standings still abysmal as they remain seated in the dark, damp and dreary FHL basement.

Wild Ducks: 42.2
Dream Team: 33.2

The Wild Ducks won for the third time in 2014-15, their record still under .500 however at 3-4. The news is better in the all-important overall standings as GM Collard's Ducks now find themselves in 2nd place, just 26.0 back of the front-running Bears. The Dream Team slipped to 4-3 in defeat, 2 games back of the Hogs. The overall picture is not quite as bright as GM Austin's team remains in 7th place, their deficit still healthy at 69.4.

Timbers: 48.1
Misconducts: 45.3

The Timbers clipped the Misconducts, improving to 3-4 for the season. In 8th place overall, GM Sarsynski's squad now sit 83.0 rows behind the first place Polar Bears and just 54.8 shy of third place and it's $100 prize. It was close but no cigar for the Misconducts as GM Smalley saw his team slump to a league-worst 1-6; five full games behind the H2H leading Ice Hogs. The FHL Cup is even further away; the 8th place Misconducts trailing the Polar Bears by a fat 83.1.

LINK: Standings

Dream Team v. Boulder Flyers
Misconducts v. Bluliners
Wild Ducks v. Redliners
Timbers v. Ice Hogs
Ice Cats v. Polar Bears
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