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PostSubject: WEEK 7 (FINAL)   Sat Nov 28, 2015 3:40 am

GM Murphy and his Silicon Valley Slashers are busting down the Polar Bears' first place door, a huge 18.0 Friday drawing the expansion franchise to within 0.8 of the top spot in the overall standings.

Silicon Valley Slashers: 72.1
Ice Cats: 53.3

Jamie Benn potted his league-best 17th goal of the season as the Silicon Valley Slashers cruised to their second win of the season, shellacking the Ice Cats by 18.8. Despite the win the Slashers H2H mark is still in need of repair, their record now 2-5. That's the only bad news leaking out of the Slashers camp as GM Murphy's squad is one assist from being the best team in the FHL. Even though they harvested a commendable 53.3 points, the Cats were soundly beaten by the Slashers, GM Cutshall's once 4-0 squad losing for the third consecutive week. Overall the cold Cats are now in 6th place, 55.9 back.

Polar Bears: 52.1
Ice Hogs: 39.7

The Polar Bears have battened down the hatches, trying desperately to ward off the Slashers unrelenting attack. While the door is torn and battered, it hasn't been breached, the Polar Bears clinging to a less-than-one-point lead. H2H-wise the Polar Bears are breathing a bit easier, GM Elya's record now a league-best 5-2 after brushing aside the lightweight Ice Hogs, GM Henry's record now 4-3; the Hogs in 11th place overall.

SC Cobras: 59.6
Wild Ducks: 48.4

The SC Cobras won for the third time, rolling over the Wild Ducks, winning by 11.2. With a record of 3-4, the Cobras remain two games back of the H2H leaders. The overall standings find the Cobras nestled in a similar position; lodged in 8th place, 66.9 behind the first place Polar Bears. The Wild Ducks meanwhile slipped to a league-worst 2-5. Overall the Wild Ducks are almost league-worst, stuck in 10th place, just 13.4 clear of the FHL dungeon.

Misconducts: 51.0
Boulder Flyers: 45.9

The Misconducts now have $10.00 in their FHL bank account, earning their fifth $2.00 win by bettering the Boulder Flyers by 5.1. With a record of 5-2, the Misconducts are tied with the Polar Bears for the H2H division lead. Overall the Misconducts remain in third place, just 21.4 steps from the FHL summit. The Boulder Flyers once again finished the week toiling in the FHL cellar, GM Morgan's H2H record now under .500 at 3-4.

Badger Bob: 58.8
Bluliners: 44.4

Badger Bob is now 4-3 on the season, just one game back after dusting the Bluliners. In the Cup-chase standings the Bobs are holding strong in 4th place, currently 39.5 behind the top spot; 18.1 short of the money (3rd place). The Bluliners are now 3-4 for the season, their sub par record leaving them two games back of the H2H-leading Bears and Misconducts. Overall GM Hamilton's squad is in 5th place, 40.9 back.

Between the Pipes: 51.3
Redliners: 31.8

The Redliners doubled their weekly output on Friday, collecting 17.1. Alas, it was not nearly enough to corral the Pipes, GM Lawrence's team improving to 4-3 with the one-sided victory. A quiet 1.0 point Friday however did drop the Pipes from 6th place to 7th place in the overall standings. Meanwhile the Redliners continue to track in the wrong direction, GM Megan's swing-and-miss crew now in 9th place overall, 67.1 behind the division leading Bears.

Between the Pipes v. Bluliners
Badger Bob v. Boulder Flyers
Polar Bears v. Wild Ducks
Misconducts v. Ice Hogs <-- Belle Tire "Match of the Week"
SC Cobras v. Ice Cats
Redliners v. Silicon Valley Slashers

LINK: Standings
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PostSubject: Here's Murphy: NOW THAT"S FUNNY!!!   Sat Nov 28, 2015 9:09 pm

Paul, best I've seen from you so far this season. Five stars!!! You found inspiration at 3:40 this morning.
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