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WEEK 16 (FINAL) Empty
PostSubject: WEEK 16 (FINAL)   WEEK 16 (FINAL) EmptyMon Jan 22, 2018 12:33 pm

WEEK 16 (FINAL) FZl9bar
In desperate need of a goaltender and his team unqualified for the playoffs, GM Collard fixed both problems with one acquisition - the Wild Ducks now in the postseason picture thanks to the brilliant play of Aaron Dell; the new-hire netminder providing his team with three wins and 9.4 points, including a 33 save, 3.3 pointer on Sunday.

Wild Ducks: 46.7
Boulder Flyers: 37.7
The Wild Ducks are inside the seven-team playoff picture after winning their 8th match of the season - the Ducks a tiebreaker better than the also 8-8 Vegas Vipers. With the SC Cobras winning, the Boulder Flyers are now the sole owner of the worst record in the league, GM Morgan's birds now strapped with a record of 3-13.

Vegas Vipers: 32.2
Badger Bob: 29.9

The Vegas Vipers put and end to their six-match losing streak by upsetting the best H2H team in the league. The win however did not grace the team with a spot in the playoffs. In Week 10 the Wild Ducks rallied on the final day to defeat the Vipers, GM Collard's team currently in charge of the tiebreaker. Badger Bob is now 11-5 on the season, still good for a two game lead in the Grimson.

SC Cobras: 47.0
Polar Bears: 32.4

It took a while but the SC Cobras finally found win No. 4, the team posting the second best score of the week in upending the Polar Bears. The playoffs however remain a distant blur, the team still six games back in the Domi. The Polar Bears are now 9-7 on the year - their grip on the playoffs not nearly as tight as it was at the beginning of the week.

Bluliners: 62.3
Central Red Army: 35.6
The Bluliners were the best of Week 16, GM Hamilton's can't-seem-to-do-anything-wrong team improving to a league-best 11-5. The overall picture is even brighter (Warning: don't look directly into their lead as it could severly damage your eyesight), the Bluliners now 98.1 points better than the rest. The Central Red Army stumbled to 9-7, the Army now one game back in the Domi.

Mooses: 39.1
Ice Hogs: 37.3
The Mooses scored just enough points on Sunday to hold off the Ice Hogs, GM McCormick's team improving to 6-10. The Mooses remain in the playoff chase, trailing the seventh and final spot by two games. The Ice Hogs fell outside of the playoffs with the loss, the Hogs and their 7-9 record now one game in back of postseason play. As a member of the Probert division, the team trails the Bluliners by four games.

Misconducts: 27.4
Ice Cats: 25.0

Ten of the other eleven teams were better than the Misconducts in Week 16. The only team they outpointed was also their H2H opponent, the Misconducts improving to 10-6 with the undeserving win; the squad now sitting by themselves on top of the Domi. The Ice Cats slumped to 10-6 with the well deserved loss, the team still well within the playoff picture, one game back of the Probert-leading Bluliners.

Bluliners vs. Boulder Flyers <-- Twisted Evil
Badger Bob vs. Mooses
Polar Bears vs. Ice Cats
SC Cobras vs. Misconducts
Central Red Army vs. Wild Ducks
Ice Hogs vs. Vegas Vipers

LINK: Standings
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