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 WEEK 14 (thru Wednesday)

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PostSubject: WEEK 14 (thru Wednesday)   WEEK 14 (thru Wednesday) EmptyThu Jan 03, 2019 1:55 pm

WEEK 14 (thru Wednesday) 06t0nSk
Despite possessing one of the worst H2H records in the league, the Vegas Vipers are remarkably heavily invested in the chase for the elusive FHL Cup, the team moving into the rarified air of 2nd place on Wednesday, Johnny Gaudreau (1g, 3a) contributing 8.0 of his team’s league-best 20.9 points.

Boulder Flyers:36.8
Vegas Vipers: 36.9
The Boulder Flyers were relatively pleased to collect 14.8 points on Wednesday - but they were still bitch-slapped by the Vegas Vipers, GM Miller’s squad catching and passing the birds, the Vipe now leading this heated contest by the narrowest of margins - 0.1 point.

Wild Ducks: 34.2
Bluliners: 34.2

The match between the Vipers and Flyers is extremely close. This match is even closer. On Wednesday Brent Burns (1g, 3a, 12.0 pts) pulled the Wild Ducks dead even with the Bluliners, the longtime rivals deadlocked at 34.2 points skating into an 8-game Thursday.

Polar Bears: 16.3
Misconducts: 11.1
The Points Pond was full of numbers on Wednesday but apparently the Polar Bears were fishing with no bait - GM Elya departing the day with the same number of points he had when he arrived. The muted Misconducts were only a tad better, a 4.1 point showing drawing the sagging team to within 5.2.

Ice Hogs: 29.5
Badger Bob: 7.7

Like the Bears, Badger Bob was also fishing with no bait (or possibly fishing at the wrong pond), GM Chester’s squad netting nothing on Wednesday. The Ice Hogs took full advantage of the pointless Bobs, a strong 15.0 point outing providing GM Henry with an also strong 21.8 point lead.

Central Red Army: 42.8
SC Cobras: 25.4
The Central Red Army continue to play extremely well, the team holding the best score of the week after ripping 16.0 points on Wednesday. The SC Cobras meanwhile haven’t been able to keep pace with the marching Army, a 9.0 point outing dropping GM Murphy’s squad 17.4 points behind their opponent.

Concussion Junction: 20.3
Ice Cats: 20.1
Another extremely close match finds Concussion Junction leading the Ice Cats by a mere 0.2, Elias Pettersson (3g, 9.0 pts) and his Cats moving 10.0 points closer after pillaging Wednesday for 13.0.

LINK: Standings
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WEEK 14 (thru Wednesday)
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