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 WEEK 24 (thru Wednesday)

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PostSubject: WEEK 24 (thru Wednesday)   Thu Apr 10, 2014 1:30 pm

On Wednesday the first place Bluliners continued to do what they do best: keeping the competition at bay.

Boulder Flyers: 59.4
Bluliners: 44.4
Misconducts: 37.8

The Blulinersí armor is not only bright and shiny, itís also pretty damn thick. Come hell or high water, the veteran franchise has successfully protected its residence on top of the FHL standings since January 30th. GM Hamiltonís team is attempting to do the same in the waning days of the season, their lead over the Boulder Flyers a tad thinner at 24.3.

Polar Bears: 13.4
Ice Hogs: 32.1
Redliners: 18.0

Even though they were abandoned by their GM last month the remaining Ice Hogs continue to play well, their advantage over the Redliners now 14.1. Meanwhile the crippled Polar Bears continue to wallow in their misfortune, a dismal 13.4 showing dropping them a previously unimaginable 52.5 behind the Bluliners.

Ice Cats: 33.7
Wild Ducks: 27.8
Dream Team: 36.3

The Dream Team are on track for what would be their seventh $3.00 win of the season (that's $21.00 if you're keeping score at home). Meanwhile the Ice Cats continue to peck away at the Polar Bears lead, GM Cutshall's persistent team now trailing third place ($100) by 36.4.

LINK: Standings
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WEEK 24 (thru Wednesday)
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