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 WEEK 10 (thru Tuesday)

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PostSubject: WEEK 10 (thru Tuesday)   WEEK 10 (thru Tuesday) EmptyWed Dec 05, 2018 12:18 pm

WEEK 10 (thru Tuesday) 3RHqIZr
Sean Monahan (2g, 2a) and Johnny Gaudreau (2g, 2a) combined for 20.0 points on Tuesday, Monahanís Boulder Flyers racing into 2nd place, just 13.0 points back, while Gaudreauís 3rd place Vegas Vipers moved to within 13.3 points of 1st place.

Boulder Flyers: 35.2
Bluliners: 19.3

Backed by bonus-laced games from Sean Monahan, Max Domi and Auston Matthews, the Boulder Flyers recorded the best Tuesday score, a stiff 35.2 point evening placing the dive-bombing birds a full 15.9 points in front of the ears-ringing Bluliners.

Polar Bears: 21.8
Vegas Vipers: 33.8

After Monday the Polar Bears were sitting pretty, leading the Vegas Vipers by 15.8. At the conclusion of Day 2, pretty had turned to kinda-sorta-ugly, the Vipers ripping 30.8 points to snatch the torch from GM Elya, the vicious Vipe now leading this pivotal Grimson division clash by 12.0.

SC Cobras: 22.1
Concussion Junction: 4.3

The SC Cobras pocketed 19.0 points on Tuesday, the 1st place team successfully beating back the advances of the Flyers and Vipers. The solid outing also provided the Cobras with a substantial lead over Concussion Junction, GM Murphy resting comfortably on a 17.8 point cushion.

Wild Ducks: 11.8
Badger Bob: 18.0

The Bobs were better than the Wild Ducks on Tuesday, GM Chesterís squad netting 15.0 points, the defending FHL Cup champion now leading this key Grimson division brewhaha by 6.2.

Ice Hogs: 10.0
Misconducts: 13.0

Both the Ice Hog and Misconducts collected only 10.0 points on an otherwise points-heavy Tuesday, the Misconducts carrying their same 3.0 point advantage into a quiet three-game Wednesday.

Central Red Army: 5.0
Ice Cats: 13.7

The Central Red Armyís attempt to march out of the basement was labeled ďMission Not Accomplished,Ē a paltry 4.0 points leaving the squadron 6.7 points underground and 8.7 points behind their Week 10 opponent.

LINK: Standings
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WEEK 10 (thru Tuesday)
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