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 WEEK 21 (thru Monday)

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PostSubject: WEEK 21 (thru Monday)   WEEK 21 (thru Monday) EmptyTue Feb 27, 2018 1:32 pm

WEEK 21 (thru Monday) 5Ie8Vz6
This is the view GM Smalley awoke to as his team was ambushed by the Central Red Army, Nathan MacKinnon (2g, 1a) and Seth Jones (1g, 2a) guiding their team to a league-best 22.0 points, GM Buker's charging Army dumping the Misconducts into a deep 16.0 point hole.

Misconducts: 6.0
Central Red Army: 22.0
With the tiebreaker belonging to Badger Bob, the Misconducts will have to outplay the Bobs over the final two weeks of the regular season if they want to harness a first round playoff bye. Needless to say the Central Red Army are being anything but cooperative, the 11-9 team currently en route to locking their spot in the postseason.

Badger Bob: 2.0
Ice Cats: 3.5

Despite having the league's best record, Badger Bob's Week 21 task is tall as they are paired with the team that collected a league-best 73.8 points in Week 20. The Ice Cats are also motivated as they are currently deadlocked for the Probert division lead, the spry Cats sporting a season mark of 12-8.

SC Cobras: 7.0
Ice Hogs: 13.1
No franchise is more motivated to win than the Ice Hogs, the 10-10 team with a slippery grip on the 7th and final playoff spot. Fortunately for GM Henry, his pigs are paired with team with the league's worst record, the 5-15 SC Cobras still focused however as they continue to embrace their role as spoiler.

Vegas Vipers: 4.0
Wild Ducks: 3.1

No team has to win more than the Wild Ducks, the 9-11 squad currently seeded 8th and outside of the playoffs. The Vegas Vipers can no longer qualify for postseason but the team can lay some serious hurt on the defending FHL champion as a Vipers win would extinguish the playoff hopes of the Ducks.

Polar Bears: 3.3
Boulder Flyers: 7.7

Barring a total collapse and some not-so-divine intervention, the Polar Bears will likely take their show to the postseason. With no hope for the playoffs, the Boulder Flyers are simply hoping to add some stuffing to their pancake-flat win-total pillows, GM Morgan's team dragging a 6-14 mark to this non-divisional affair.

Mooses: 0.0
Bluliners: 5.0
The Bluliners have qualified for the playoffs but they'd like "Probert Division Champion" added to their resume, GM Hamilton's 12-8 team facing off against the 8-12 Mooses; a team like three others whose playoff role has been reduced to that of spoiler.

LINK: Standings
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WEEK 21 (thru Monday)
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