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PostSubject: RULES AND REGULATIONS, 2017-18   Fri Aug 18, 2017 10:49 am

Entry fee: $100.00
Number of teams: 12

Each franchise will field a team of 16 players.
Of these 16 players, 12 will be designated starters; 4 will occupy the bench.
Each franchise must start a team of 7 forwards, 3 defensemen and 2 goalies.
Your bench can be comprised of forwards, defensemen and/or goalies, your choice.

Overall standings will determine who wins the FHL Cup.
Money will be paid to the Top 3 overall teams.

1st Place: $500.00
2nd Place: $325.00
3rd Place: $175.00

In addition, each week teams will compete head-to-head against another team. The H2H standings are separate from the overall standings. The H2H standings are comprised of three (3) divisions of four (4) teams.

Seven teams qualify for the H2H playoffs; the three (3) division winners and the next best four (4) teams.

If needed, tiebreakers used to determine playoff teams:
1. H2H record, versus each other.
2. Position in overall standings

Playoffs are three weeks in length; Weeks 23, 24 and 25 of the 26 week season.

The best H2H team receives a first round bye.
First round: 2 plays 7, 3 plays 6 and 4 plays 5.
Second round: Overall top seed plays lowest seed, middle seeds play each other.
Third round: Championship match and consolation match.

Prize money is awarded to three teams: the H2H champion, runner-up and winner of the consolation match.

1st Place: $100.00
2nd Place: $70.00
3rd Place: $30.00

The week-to-week breakdown of the 26 week season can be viewed HERE.

The H2H schedule can be seen HERE.


The trading of draft picks is allowed, as long as both picks are traded - for two picks in the same round. For example, a GM may trade his 1st and 24th pick in Round 1 for a GM's 11th and 12th pick in the same round. A GM may not trade one single pick for another, nor is he allowed to trade picks from one round for picks in a different round.

You may draft players who are injured but you cannot place them on IR (Injured Reserve). If you draft an injured player he must be placed on your bench. The player must stay on the bench until he plays a game. When he plays a game he then becomes eligible for IR.

For a player to be eligible for the FHL draft, he must be listed on the official training camp roster of an NHL team.


Your lineup must be set by 7:00 pm (ET) on Monday.
Moves should be emailed to Paul at fhlnews@yahoo.com, no later than 7:00 pm, ET.
These transactions will consist of moves to and from your bench, trades, waivers and acquisitions.

Players cannot be acquired until after the first week of the season, Monday, October 9th.


Each week the team in last place (overall) will have the first choice of any available non-roster player. The team in 11th place will have the second choice; 10th place the third choice, etc.

If two teams have the same number of total points, the team that posted the lowest score in the week prior will have the higher pick.

When submitting acquisitions, be sure to name alternate players as you may not get your first, second choice, etc.

NOTE: A player must be listed on an official NHL roster in order to be acquired. Players cannot be acquired provisionally, from the minors or from leagues outside of the NHL.

Trades can be 1 for 1; 2 for 1, whatever, however you must adjust your lineup accordingly (release/acquire players) if need be, to ensure you meet the aforementioned roster requirements.

If you trade for a player who is on the Injured Reserve (IR) of another team, you may place said player any where on your roster. He does not have to be assisgned to your IR.

The trading deadline is Monday, March 12th; the start of the H2H playoffs. No trades can be conducted after this date.

It is assumed that all trades are made in good faith (i.e. fair). Trades deemed to be grossly unfair will be overturned.

NHL.com is the official scoring site of the FHL. This site is also used to determine the "official" roster position of all NHL members (e.g. Brent Burns, defenseman).


You may place a player on IR if he is unavailable to play due to an injury. The player must be injured, not suspended or on leave, or sent to the minors. The player must spend a minimum of two weeks on the IR. When the player returns to action - and the two week requirement has been met - the player must be activated by the GM.

If the player is not activated on the first Monday he is eligible, the GM may activate the player the following Monday, with penalty. Should the GM want to acquire any new players, he will forfeit a pick for each player not activated. If the player(s) is not activated after his second week of eligibility, the player(s) becomes a free agent and can be acquired by any team the following week.


Forwards will receive 2 points for each goal scored; 1 point for each assist.
Total points awarded for multiple point efforts, as follows:

3 assists = 4 points
4 assists = 7 points
5 assists = 10 points
6 assists = 13 points

1 goal / 2 assists = 5 points
1 goal / 3 assists = 8 points
1 goal / 4 assists = 11 points
1 goal / 5 assists = 14 points

2 goals / 1 assists = 7 points
2 goals / 2 assists = 10 points
2 goals / 3 assists = 13 points
2 goals / 4 assists = 16 points

3 goals / 0 assists = 9 points
3 goals / 1 assist = 12 points
3 goals / 2 assists = 15 points
3 goals / 3 assists = 18 points

4 goals / 0 assist = 14 points
4 goals / 1 assist = 17 points
4 goals / 2 assists = 20 points
4 goals / 3 assists = 23 points

Defensemen will receive 3 points for each goal scored; 1 point for each assist.
Total points awarded for multiple point efforts, as follows:

2 assists = 3 points
3 assists = 6 points
4 assists = 9 points
5 assists = 12 points

1 goal / 1 assist = 6 points
1 goal / 2 assists = 9 points
1 goal / 3 assists = 12 points
1 goal / 4 assists = 15 points

2 goals / 0 assists = 9 points
2 goals / 1 assist = 12 points
2 goals / 2 assists = 15 points
2 goals / 3 assists = 18 points

3 goals / 0 assists = 15 points
3 goals / 1 assist = 18 points
3 goals / 2 assists = 21 points
3 goals / 3 assists = 24 points

Winning goaltenders will receive 0.1 for each save (e.g. 34 saves = 3.4 points)
Winning goalies who record a shutout will receive 0.2 for each save (e.g. 34 saves = 6.8 points)
Losing goalies with a save % of .915 or greater will receive 0.05 for each save (e.g. 34 saves = 1.7 points)
Assist/Goal = 3 points
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