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 WEEK 9 (thru Wednesday)

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PostSubject: WEEK 9 (thru Wednesday)   Thu Dec 08, 2016 11:53 am

Red goal lights start flashing soon after Erik Karlsson takes to the ice, the 26-year-old defender collecting another 9.0 points (1g, 2a) on Wednesday, his surging Wild Ducks team moving to within 33.2 points of first place.

Wild Ducks: 32.7
Ice Cats: 6.0

The Fat Lady won't be happy about being called into work on a Thursday, but that appears to be the situation here, the Wild Ducks now leading the napping Ice Cats by 26.7 points.

Bluliners: 25.8
SC Cobras: 17.7

With the Bluliners firing blanks the once-out-of-it SC Cobras have slithered back into this H2H match, GM Murphy's team now trailing by just 8.1 points.

Ice Hogs: 12.9
Badger Bob: 8.0

Badger Bob was the only team to uncover Wednesday numbers, the Bobs 2.0 point effort lifting GM Chester's team to within 4.9 of the stuck-in-the-mud Ice Hogs.

Misconducts: 14.2
Polar Bears: 26.4

An upset might be brewing as the 2-6 Polar Bears remain in front of the 6-2 Misconducts, GM Elya's advantage now 12.2 points with four days remaining in the week.

Boulder Flyers: 22.5
Silicon Valley Slashers: 26.4

The Silicon Valley Slashers pillaged Wednesday for 8.0 points, GM Murphy's team jumping in front of the Boulder Flyers, their lead now 3.9 points.

Central Red Army: 21.5
Between the Pipes: 13.9

The Central Red Army continue to keep Between the Pipes at bay, GM Buker's 5th place team now 7.6 points better than GM Miller's cellar dwellers.

LINK: Standingsญญญญญญ
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WEEK 9 (thru Wednesday)
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