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 WEEK 18 (thru Wednesday)

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PostSubject: WEEK 18 (thru Wednesday)   Thu Feb 08, 2018 12:53 pm

Things are looking up for Frederik Andersen and his Vegas Vipers squad, the early second round draft pick backstopping a crucial 44 save victory on Wednesday, his teetering team now leading their must-win match by 1.9.

Boulder Flyers: 12.5
Vegas Vipers: 14.4

With only five weeks remaining in the regular season the Vegas Vipers can't afford to lose, the urgency propelling the team past the stagnant Boulder Flyers, their lead more than perilous with four days remaining in the week.

Ice Cats: 18.1
Bluliners: 18.4

A key match in the battle for the Probert division crown finds the Ice Cats just 0.3 points behind the did-nothing-on-Wednesday Bluliners.

Badger Bob: 24.1
Misconducts: 23.4

Badger Bob netted 5.0 points on a relatively quiet Wednesday, a number that places the Bobs in front of the Misconducts and draws the team to within 57.5 points of the first place Bluliners.

Mooses: 21.3
Central Red Army: 25.0

Patrice Bergeron (2g) and his Mooses scooted closer to the Central Red Army, a 5.0 point outing drawing GM McCormick's team to within 3.7.

Ice Hogs: 12.6
Polar Bears: 15.9

The Ice Hogs netted just 1.0 point but little damage was done as the Polar Bears were good for only 1.5, GM Henry's pigs now trailing the Bears by 3.3.

Wild Ducks: 10.0
SC Cobras: 7.0

The SC Cobras collected just a single point but it was a single point more than their opponent scored, the spoiler-mode snakes now trailing the Wild Ducks by 3.0.

LINK: Standings
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WEEK 18 (thru Wednesday)
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