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 WEEK 15 (thru Thursday)

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PostSubject: WEEK 15 (thru Thursday)   WEEK 15 (thru Thursday) EmptyFri Jan 11, 2019 1:00 pm

WEEK 15 (thru Thursday) Ul978Pp
Struggling the past week, the Misconducts abruptly reversed course on Thursday, Tomas Hertl (1g, 1a) and Martin Jones (36 save win) combining for 6.6 of the team’s league-best 14.6 points, the pair helping to catapult the again-in-the-money Misconducts from 5th place to 3rd place in the overall standings.

Central Red Army: 39.5
Misconducts: 30.8
The Misconducts points-heavy Thursday didn’t help as much as GM Smalley would have liked, the relentless Cental Red Army responding with a firm 10.9 points of their own. As such, the Army’s lead in this pivotal Domi division clash remains relatively comfortable at 8.7 points.

Vegas Vipers: 39.4
Ice Cats: 21.7
On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday the Vegas Vipers scored more points than the Ice Cats. Not surprisingly, Thursday was no different as the venomous Vipe again outpointed the napping Cats, this time 10.4 to 8.0, GM Miller’s streaking squad now sitting on a 17.7 point lead with three days remaining in the week.

Badger Bob: 31.2
Boulder Flyers: 20.3
In short supply of the materials needed to manufacture points (that would be goals and assists) the Flyers Week 15 factory is on the verge of being shuttered, another paltry performance leaving the birds double-digits behind Badger Bob. The Bobs meanwhile are not only relishing a possible win, the moss-covered team is also nearing daylight, GM Chester now only 7.5 steps from the basement exit.

SC Cobras: 30.4
Wild Ducks: 38.8

For the SC Cobras to stay within the 7-team playoff picture they'll have to upend and upset the favored Wild Ducks. Much to the chagrin of GM Murphy, Week 15 has thus far been tracking in the wrong direction, the team’s 9.0 point Thursday effort outdone by the 12.0 compiled by the Ducks, the Cobras deficit now a tad beefier at 8.4.

Polar Bears: 43.6
Bluliners: 42.0
The Bluliners were rudely shoved out of the money on Thursday, GM Hamilton’s bruised team landing in 5th place overall. Unlike yesterday, the Bluliners are also staring up at the Polar Bears, GM Elya’s opportunistic squad commandeering the lead on the strength of a 12.0 point excursion.

Ice Hogs: 34.8
Concussion Junction: 14.7

After Concussion Junction departed the day with 1.0 point in their pocket - and their tail between their legs - the Fat Lady was put on high alert, the Ice Hogs now wailing on the Junk, an 11.2 point Thursday providing the points-porky pigs with a 20.1 point lead.

LINK: Standings
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WEEK 15 (thru Thursday)
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