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 WEEK 14 (thru Tuesday)

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PostSubject: WEEK 14 (thru Tuesday)   WEEK 14 (thru Tuesday) EmptyWed Jan 02, 2019 10:34 am

WEEK 14 (thru Tuesday) HrZkQgI
After spending 46 days on the shelf, Viktor Arvidsson has hit the ice skating, the again-healthy 25 year-old winger potting two goals on Tuesday, his Central Red Army team now leading their pivotal Domi division match by 10.4 points.

Central Red Army: 26.8
SC Cobras: 16.4
Once sliding toward the basement, the Central Red Army have abruptly reversed course, GM Buker’s on-the-move squadron now camped in 6th place overall, just 56.8 points back. The opposite is true of the SC Cobras, the team that once sat atop the league succumbing to 8th place on Tuesday, GM Murphy’s snakes parked 59.2 points from their former perch.

Boulder Flyers: 22.0
Vegas Vipers: 16.0
After posting the league's best score on Monday, the Boulder Flyers used Tuesday to rest. The Vegas Vipers used the Flyers one day sabbatical to scurry 1.0 point closer, GM Miller’s must-win-yet-again squad trailing the birds by 6.0 points.

Polar Bears: 16.3
Misconducts: 7.0
David Pastrnak (1g, 1a) contributed 3.0 points to the Misconducts kitty on Tuesday, his 2nd place team gaining 3.0 points on the 1st place team. The 3.0 points also allowed the Misconducts to shave their H2H deficit, GM Smalley’s outfit now trailing the Polar Bears by 9.3.

Wild Ducks: 19.2
Bluliners: 21.2

The Bluliners were the only team to secure points on a quiet 3-game Tuesday, Patrice Bergeron (1g, 1a) bagging 3.0, GM Hamilton's 5th place squad now leading the 4th place Wild Ducks by 2.0.

Concussion Junction: 17.3
Ice Cats: 7.1
Backed by the 17 save shutout of Marc-Andre Fleury - his NHL-best 6th blanking of the season - Concussion Junction increased their lead from single-digits to double-digits, GM Brendan’s in-form squad now 10.2 points better than the icy Cats.

Ice Hogs: 14.5
Badger Bob: 7.7

Both teams were literally pointless on Tuesday, the Ice Hogs maintaining their 6.8 point advantage. Badger Bob meanwhile is starting to grow concerned about their lot in the standings, the stairs leading out of the basement now 20.9 points long.

LINK: Standings
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WEEK 14 (thru Tuesday)
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