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 WEEK 13 (thru Friday)

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PostSubject: WEEK 13 (thru Friday)   WEEK 13 (thru Friday) EmptySat Dec 29, 2018 1:36 pm

WEEK 13 (thru Friday) IXNm1u6
Mitch Marner moved his team to within striking distance of the big prize, the Week 9 trade acquisition netting a goal, two assists and 5.0 points on Friday, the week-best Wild Ducks commandeering 4th place in the overall standings, the 8-time champion now just 37.9 points shy of the silver FHL chalice.

Misconducts: 25.5
Wild Ducks: 25.5
Well now, it doesn’t get much better than this. Two veteran franchises. Two FHL rivals. Two division leaders. Both teams tied with 25.5 points heading into what should be an explosive 15-game Saturday. Who will emerge victorious? Flip a puck as this boiling bout is entirely up for grabs.

Vegas Vipers: 15.0
Concussion Junction: 16.1
With only one game scheduled for Sunday (Coyotes v. Golden Knights) this and possibly every match could be decided today. Based on their lot in the standings, the Vegas Vipers should prevail - but after toppling the Boulder Flyers last week, Concussion Junction remains in “upset” mode, the underdog Junk leading this tight tussle by 1.1.

Ice Hogs: 11.8
Boulder Flyers: 18.7
This is one match that may not be decided on Saturday - both the Ice Hogs and Boulder Flyers bringing one player to Sunday’s tiny table. Regardless, both teams are hoping to unleash most of their hurt on Saturday, the Boulder Flyers currently in a better position to absorb the pain, leading the Hogs by 6.9.

Badger Bob: 6.8
Ice Cats: 15.4

If you listen closely you’ll hear whispers of “first to worst” in Badger Bob’s sullen locker room, the defending league champion again lodged in the FHL basement. The struggling team is also struggling in Week 13, a league-low 6.8 points placing the battered Bobs 8.6 points behind the Ice Cats.

Bluliners: 8.0
SC Cobras: 12.0

Electing to jog instead of run, both the SC Cobras and Bluliners continue to huff and puff their way around the tiny Week 13 track - the Cobras jogging a tad faster on Friday as they gained 2.0 steps on their opponent, GM Murphy and his snakes now 4.0 points better than the Bluliners.

Central Red Army: 20.8
Polar Bears: 21.5
Both the Central Red Army and Polar Bears posted identical 3.0 point scores on Friday. As such this extremely tight match remains extremely tight, the needa-win Bears leading the needa-win Army by 0.7 heading into a dauntingly dense, match-deciding Saturday.

LINK: Standings
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WEEK 13 (thru Friday)
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