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 WEEK 12 (thru Monday)

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PostSubject: WEEK 12 (thru Monday)   WEEK 12 (thru Monday) EmptyTue Dec 18, 2018 12:48 pm

WEEK 12 (thru Monday) E91qCdh
Defenseman Roman Josi was locked and loaded on Monday, the 28 year-old, 2nd round draft pick ripping two goals and dishing out one assist - his Wild Ducks team the sole beneficiary of the 12.0 point outing - the fast-waddling Ducks already 10.0 points better than their Week 12 opponent.

Polar Bears: 4.0
Wild Ducks: 14.0
A hugely important Grimson clash as the division-leading Wild Ducks (7-4) do battle with the Polar Bears (4-7). If the Ducks win they would tighten their grip on 1st place - and an automatic berth in the playoffs. A Polar Bears victory would draw the team to within 2 games of the division lead. If the Bears lose, they’ll tumble a distant 4 game back - a deficit that would be nearly impossible to erase.

Vegas Vipers: 3.1
Badger Bob: 3.8
Another pivotal Grimson pairing as Badger Bob and their 5-6 mark faceoff against the Vegas Vipers and their record of 3-7-1. With the match representing a two-game swing, a Badger Bob victory would go a long way in silencing the Vipers. The Vegas Vipers meanwhile continue to toy with extinction; a loss all but assuring that GM Miller will spend the postseason on the unmanicured lawns of Loser Links, the FHL golf course.

Misconducts: 4.0
SC Cobras: 8.0
Holy hell, yet another key intradivision showdown as the best of the Domi locks horns with the 2nd best of the Domi. The Misconducts are currently 2 games better than the SC Cobras. If the Misconducts win they’ll be 3 games better than the Cobras. If the Misconducts lose they’ll be only be 1 game better than the Cobras. Simple math, yes. Very important math, yes.

Central Red Army: 6.0
Bluliners: 8.6

A non-divisional affair that finds the Bluliners, 4-6-1, matching hockey wits with the Central Red Army, 5-6. The Bluliners are chasing the Probert leader, a team they trail by a distant 3.5 games. The Central Red Army trail the Domi leader by an also distant 3 games - both teams in a precarious situation as they sit uncomfortably on the playoff bubble. This isn’t a “win or go home” showdown, but it’s close.

Ice Cats: 5.0
Ice Hogs: 0.0

A Probert division pairing that could very well impact the playoff future of both teams. The Ice Hogs are 6-5 and sit 2 games behind the Probert leader. The Ice Cats are 5-6, a record that places the team 3 games behind the Probert leader. The Hogs can distance themselves from the Cats with a win. If the Cats win they would reel-in the Hogs as both teams would sport identical 6-6 records.

Boulder Flyers: 1.0
Concussion Junction: 1.0
The Boulder Flyers are sitting pretty, their league-best 8-3 mark providing the team with a 2 game lead in the Probert. Concussion Junction is sitting ugly, the first year franchise entrenched in the Domi basement with a record of 4-7; the Junction trailing their division leader by 4 full games. A stupid question: Can the Junction afford to lose this match?

LINK: Standings
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WEEK 12 (thru Monday)
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