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 WEEK 11 (thru Thursday)

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PostSubject: WEEK 11 (thru Thursday)   WEEK 11 (thru Thursday) EmptyFri Dec 14, 2018 11:27 am

WEEK 11 (thru Thursday) M1dsjpo
The revolving door leading to 1st place was spinning again on Thursday, the Boulder Flyers now residing in the FHL’s penthouse suite, unheralded defender Josh Morrissey leading his team to the plush digs with one goal, one assist and 6.0 points.

Wild Ducks: 29.2
Boulder Flyers: 38.7
The Wild Ducks have upped their game but it’s not up enough, the Boulder Flyers and their 16.0 point Thursday now 9.5 points better than the Ducks.

Polar Bears: 32.8
Ice Cats: 29.2

The Polar Bears and Ice Cats posted near-identical scores on Thursday, thus the Polar Bears advantage is near-identical, GM Elya’s squad sitting 3.6 rows in front of the Cats.

Central Red Army: 41.5
Concussion Junction: 12.3

The Fat Lady has been instructed to “finish the donuts and get your fat ass to New Jersey,” the Central Red Army now leading this mismatch by almost 30.0.

Vegas Vipers: 26.8
Bluliners: 42.9
The Bluliners were 10.9 points better than the Vegas Vipers on Thursday, extending their lead to 16.1 - the Vipe now teetering on the edge of postseason extinction with just three days remaining in their must-win week.

SC Cobras: 23.4
Ice Hogs: 24.3
After four days very little separates the Ice Hogs and SC Cobras, the pigs leading by a scant 0.9 heading into an unusually thick 8-game Friday.

Misconducts: 49.4
Badger Bob: 35.6
The Bobs have posted one of the better scores but they’re facing stiff opposition from the Misconducts, GM Smalley’s league-best number providing his team with a 13.8 point lead.

LINK: Standings
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WEEK 11 (thru Thursday)
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