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 WEEK 11 (thru Wednesday)

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PostSubject: WEEK 11 (thru Wednesday)   WEEK 11 (thru Wednesday) EmptyThu Dec 13, 2018 11:36 am

WEEK 11 (thru Wednesday) MVkkxkE
Quietly hovering in the middle of the pack, the Bluliners are prepping for another run at the FHL Cup, the undrafted Matthew Tkachuk drawing his team to within 24.8 points of 1st place with his 34th, 35th, 36th and 37th point of the season.

Vegas Vipers: 24.8
Bluliners: 30.0
The Bluliners were 2.0 points better than their opponent - outpointing the Vegas Vipers 9.0 to 7.0 - GM Hamilton carrying a 5.2 point lead into an 8-game Thursday.

Polar Bears: 23.3
Ice Cats: 20.0

The Polar Bears were one of the better Day 3 teams, the 5th place Bears collecting 9.0 points, their lead over the Ice Cats now 3.3.

Misconducts: 44.4
Badger Bob: 25.6
The Misconducts didn’t pot a point on Wednesday, allowing their opponent to scoot 3.6 points closer, Badger Bob now trailing this Week 11 match by 18.8.

Central Red Army: 25.5
Concussion Junction: 10.3

The Central Red Army were on furlough which allowed Concussion Junction to shave their deficit by 7.3, GM Brendan’s squad now trailing the Army by 15.2.

Wild Ducks: 16.5
Boulder Flyers: 22.7
Sean Monahan (2g, 1a) was the only Boulder Flyer to net points but it was enough for his team to further pad their cushion, the Flyers now 6.2 points better than the Wild Ducks.

SC Cobras: 15.5
Ice Hogs: 18.3
The SC Cobras and their 4.0 point performance are just 0.6 steps from their former 1st place home - yet 2.8 points behind the Ice Hogs with now, four days remaining in the week.

LINK: Standings
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WEEK 11 (thru Wednesday)
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