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 WEEK 6 (thru Friday)

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PostSubject: WEEK 6 (thru Friday)   WEEK 6 (thru Friday) EmptySat Nov 10, 2018 12:27 pm

WEEK 6 (thru Friday) ZJ40WOg
Blake Wheeler was named the first star of Friday, the 12th overall draft pick collecting a goal and four assists, his 11.0 point effort contributing heavily to Badger Bob’s 13.0 total points, the defending FHL Cup champion moving to within 43.6 points of their former home.

Badger Bob: 36.0
Bluliners: 21.0
The Bluliners want to win this match as some sort of last season payback, but it doesn’t look like it’s gonna happen - Badger Bob well on their way to literally and figuratively upsetting the Bluliners, the Bobs now 15.0 points better than the sagging B’s with just the weekend left to be played.
Note: Badger Bob’s updated score reflects a missed two goal game (4.0 points) by Josh Bailey on Friday.

Ice Hogs: 35.5
Central Red Army: 46.8
The Ice Hogs made some headway on Friday, outpointing the Central Red Army 8.0 to 4.7. They’re gonna have to do better than that if they want to win their 4th match of the season, the Hogs still trailing the well-fortified Army by 11.3.

Misconducts: 41.3
Concussion Junction: 18.8
The Fat Lady was summoned but she’s currently unavailable due to some sort of all-you-can-eat contest at Denny’s (not sure exactly as our phone connection was bad - and she was talking with her mouth full). Regardless, the Misconducts are still kicking ass.

Polar Bears: 43.0
Boulder Flyers: 28.0

The ticking of the Week 6 clock is getting louder and louder for the ears-sensitive Boulder Flyers, an 8.0 point Friday not doing enough to cut into the Polar Bears lead, GM Elya’s blitzing Bears still leading the grounded birds by a chunky 15.0.

Wild Ducks: 24.0
Vegas Vipers: 25.4

This back-and-forth match was back on Thursday but it’s forth after Friday, the Vegas Vipers moving in front of the heavily-favored but limping Wild Ducks, GM Miller’s win-hungry team leading by 1.4 in advance of a girthy 11-game Saturday.

Ice Cats: 27.7
SC Cobras: 32.0
Holy hell, the SC Cobras suddenly have a match on their hands, the hard-luck snakes seeing a lot of their lead evaporate on Friday, the Ice Cats now trailing the fangs-clenched Cobras by a mere 4.3.

LINK: Standings­­
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WEEK 6 (thru Friday)
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