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 WEEK 4 (thru Monday)

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PostSubject: WEEK 4 (thru Monday)   WEEK 4 (thru Monday) EmptyTue Oct 23, 2018 11:25 am

WEEK 4 (thru Monday) QlbAEeX
Operating under the radar during the first three weeks of the season, the Misconducts are now part of the FHL Cup conversation, Alexander Ovechkin (2g, 2a) contributing 10.0 of his team’s league-best 20.0 points, the marching Misconducts moving to within 9.9 points of first place.

Misconducts: 20.0
Central Red Army: 2.2

A battle for the Domi division lead as the 2-1 Misconducts faceoff against the 2-1 Central Red Army. After one day the match is leaning heavily in the Misconducts direction, GM Smalley’s squad already 17.8 points in front.

Bluliners: 3.0
Polar Bears: 1.0
The 0-3 Polar Bears are the only winless team in the league — and against whom are they attempting to reverse their fortunes? Egads, the best team in the league. After one day the damage is minimal (translated: the Bears still have a chance), the heavily favored Bluliners up by 2.0.

SC Cobras: 0.0
Wild Ducks: 7.8

A non-divisional bout featuring the 2-1 Wild Ducks and the 1-2 SC Cobras. Given that the Ducks are in 3rd place and the Cobras are in 9th, the smart money is on the Ducks. The Cobras however are playing better — though you wouldn’t guess that based on Day 1, the Ducks leading the did-nothing snakes by 7.8.

Boulder Flyers: 12.0
Badger Bob: 2.0
Perennially H2H bad, the Boulder Flyers have never qualified for the H2H playoffs. That could change in 2018-19 as the team has won two of their first three matches. Badger Bob and their 1-2 mark will attempt to ground the Flyers, though their job was made a little tougher by Monday, the Flyers leaping to a 10.0 point lead.

Concussion Junction: 3.0
Ice Hogs: 0.0
Tied for the Probert division lead with a record of 2-1, the Ice Hogs hope to maintain their lofty status by taking down Concussion Junction and their 1-2 mark. Not much separates the two combatants after a four-game Monday, the underdog Junction leading the favored Hogs by 3.0.

Vegas Vipers: 5.0
Ice Cats: 5.0

The Ice Cats (1-2) are resting at the bottom of the Probert division while the Vegas Vipers (2-1) are perched on top of the Grimson. After one day the match is square. While the Vipers would like to win this match, their attention has quickly turned to the overall standings as they were shoved out of the money on Monday, the once-in-first-place team now seated in 4th.

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WEEK 4 (thru Monday)
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