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 WEEK 3 (thru Thursday)

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PostSubject: WEEK 3 (thru Thursday)   WEEK 3 (thru Thursday) EmptyFri Oct 19, 2018 12:56 pm

WEEK 3 (thru Thursday) F4zMneW
Hats were flying at the Shark Tank on Thursday as Logan Couture netted his third career hat trick, the SC Cobras forward collecting 9.0 of his team’s 21.0 points, the suddenly relevant snakes moving into 8th place in the overall standings.

Central Red Army: 16.9
SC Cobras: 36.9

GM Murphy’s first win of the season is peeking over the horizon, the underdog SC Cobras now leading the undefeated and Domi division-leading Central Red Army by 20.0 points entering the final three days of the week.

Wild Ducks: 17.4
Bluliners: 43.6
On the strength of Gabriel Landeskog’s third career hat trick the Bluliners roared into 1st place, GM Hamilton’s team shoving aside the sputtering Vegas Vipers. The Wild Ducks meanwhile could only stand by and watch, a paltry 5.0 point effort dropping the Ducks 26.2 points behind their Week 3 rival.

Vegas Vipers: 22.0
Boulder Flyers: 29.0
Matt Murray and his 38 save, 7.6 point shutout paced the Boulder Flyers 20.0 point attack, GM Morgan’s wings-flapping birds sailing past the Vegas Vipers in this non-divisional battle; the Flyers now leading the Vipe by 7.0.
Note: The Vipers point total includes a previously missed Shea Theodore 1.0 point assist.

Misconducts: 31.4
Polar Bears: 30.3

Dustin Byfuglien (1g, 2a) provided the Polar Bears with reason to believe, his 9.0 point performance spearheading the Bears league-best 21.3 point Thursday assault, Elya’s scalding squad drawing to within 1.1 of the once-leading-by-a-lot Misconducts.

Badger Bob: 21.4
Ice Hogs: 15.0
The defending champion is inching toward the FHL basement, the team tumbling to 11th place after collecting just 4.0 points on Thursday. Despite the anemic number of points the befuddled Bobs are still in line for a win, leading the week-worst Ice Hogs by 6.4.

Concussion Junction: 26.7
Ice Cats: 16.6

The Junction padded their lead over the icy Cats by pocketing 11.0 points, their first win of the season just three days away as they now lead by 10.1 with only Friday and the weekend remaining on the Week 3 schedule.

LINK: Standings­­
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WEEK 3 (thru Thursday)
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