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 WEEK 25 (thru Thursday)

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PostSubject: WEEK 25 (thru Thursday)   WEEK 25 (thru Thursday) EmptyFri Mar 30, 2018 12:01 pm

WEEK 25 (thru Thursday) 3druiUa
Shrouded in darkness since December 21st, the moss-covered SC Cobras are on the verge of returning to the sun-baked grounds of ground level, Jeff Carter (3g) ripping 9.0 of his team's league-best 14.9 points, the 12th and last place Cobras now just 4.1 points behind the 11th place Vegas Vipers.

The Scrap for the Laughing Bag
The Polar Bears netted 12.0 and returned to 10th place but they remain in the crosshairs of the SC Cobras, the former champion Bears just 8.6 steps from the cellar. After successfully dodging 12th place last year, the Vegas Vipers are dodging once again, GM Miller's listing team now staring into the ink-stamped eyes of the Laughing Bag.

The Battle for the FHL Cup
Tired of being repeatedly poked over the past two days, Badger Bob poked back on Thursday, a solid 13.0 point effort padding GM Chester's previously shrinking lead, the Bobs now 16.1 points better than the Bluliners with 10 loud ticks remaining on the 2017-18 clock.

The Bout for the Money
The Wild Ducks were the best of the three money contenders but not by much, GM Collard's 10.0 point effort leaving his team in 5th place, now 2.4 points behind the 4th place Boulder Flyers; 10.1 points shy of 3rd place and the $175.00-holding Central Red Army.

Championship Match
The winner receives $100.00; the runner-up is awarded $70.00.

Badger Bob: 24.8
Central Red Army: 22.4
Gaining 6.0 points on Thursday, Badger Bob caught and passed the Central Red Army, the Bobs and their H2H title hopes now sitting on a 2.4 point cushion.

Consolation Match
The winner receives $30.00; the runner-up receives a pat on the back.

Wild Ducks: 23.0
Bluliners: 36.1
By doubling the Bluliners, 10.0 points to 5.0, the Wild Ducks have made the consolation match interesting, GM Collard still hoping to get his hands on the $30.00 prize, his team trailing by 13.1.

LINK: Standings
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WEEK 25 (thru Thursday)
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