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 WEEK 25 (thru Wednesday)

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WEEK 25 (thru Wednesday) Empty
PostSubject: WEEK 25 (thru Wednesday)   WEEK 25 (thru Wednesday) EmptyThu Mar 29, 2018 12:20 pm

WEEK 25 (thru Wednesday) X28iHzK
The final eleven days of the 2017-18 season are shaping up to be one of the most exciting (and nerve-racking) in the history of the league - all three races tightening on Wednesday - Badger Bob and the Central Red Army conceding ground to their followers while the SC Cobras have moved to within 11.5 points of the basement exit.

The Battle for the FHL Cup
The Bluliners used Wednesday to once again chip away at the lead held by Badger Bob, a two goal game by Jonathan Huberdeau helping to draw GM Hamilton's squad to within 8.1 steps of their former penthouse suite.

The Bout for the Money
The Boulder Flyers were the only money grubbers to post points on Wednesday, a 5.0 point showing placing the birds just 8.6 points behind the Central Red Army. The Wild Ducks situation remained the same, GM Collard's 5th place team still trailing the money-lined grounds of 3rd place by 13.1.

The Scrap for the Laughing Bag
Erik Haula potted his 29th goal of the season, contributing 2.0 his of his teams's 7.0 points, the squinty-eyed SC Cobras on the verge of a remarkable return to daylight. The Polar Bears meanwhile are in danger of becoming one of the not-so-many that has won both the FHL Cup and the Laughing Bag; a label attached to just two other franchises.

Championship Match
The winner receives $100.00; the runner-up is awarded $70.00.

Badger Bob: 11.8
Central Red Army: 15.4
Badger Bob only netted a point but they're now a point closer to the idling Central Red Army, the Bobs trailing the Army by 3.6 points with four days remaining in the H2H Championship seven-day week.

Consolation Match
The winner receives $30.00; the runner-up receives a pat on the back.

Wild Ducks: 13.0
Bluliners: 31.1
The Bluliners continue to manhandle the Wild Ducks, GM Hamilton well on his way to securing the $30.00 consolation prize, his again in-form team now leading the Ducks by a comfy 18.1.

LINK: Standings
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Let's Go Pens!!!

Let's Go Pens!!!

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WEEK 25 (thru Wednesday) Empty
PostSubject: Thursday night road trip   WEEK 25 (thru Wednesday) EmptyThu Mar 29, 2018 12:33 pm

Heading tonight to the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ for what is now a HUGE game in the Metropolitan Division and the Eastern Conference -- Penguins at Devils.

Seats are superb. Second row of second level right at center ice. Cannot wait!!!

Treating a buddy, a Devils' fan, who back in the day treated me to a number of games when the Trenton Titans/Devils were active in the ECHL -- 1999-2013.

(Trenton won the ECHL championship in 2005. NHL players who played for Trenton include Todd Fedoruk and Ruslan Fedotenko, who was a member of the Penguins' 2009 Stanley Cup championship team. And Bruce Cassidy, the head coach of Trenton in the inaugural season, 1999-2000, is now head coach of the Boston Bruins.)

WEEK 25 (thru Wednesday) Trenton-titans-logojpg-963c794c40d15b0d

Devils now have a tighter grip on the second wild card spot in the East, with Florida hitting some speed bumps lately.

Devils have won all three games so far this season against the Penguins -- two in regulation and one in overtime. Hopefully, the Penguins will put forth a strong effort after being ambushed Tuesday night by the Red Wings. I did not see that coming. But it now is water under the bridge.

As far as tonight is concerned, it is gut-check time for the Penguins.

As far as the FHL is concerned, B2, Bluliners and CRA all will have a large number of players in action. No time right now to do actual count.

So this will be a HUGE night in the FHL also.

I will be rooting in person for a Penguins' win in regulation as well as points from Phil Kessel for Pittsburgh and B2 and zero, zilch, nada for Kyle Palmieri of New Jersey and Bluliners.
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WEEK 25 (thru Wednesday)
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