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 WEEK 19 (thru Monday)

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PostSubject: WEEK 19 (thru Monday)   WEEK 19 (thru Monday) EmptyTue Feb 13, 2018 12:51 pm

WEEK 19 (thru Monday) 027aCQV
William Nylander was the recipient of many a bear hug on Monday, the 21 year-old center collecting two goals and an assist, his Polar Bears team quick out of the Week 19 gate with a league-best 9.0 points.

Polar Bears: 9.0
Misconducts: 7.7

The Polar Bears were the best of Monday but the Misconducts weren't far behind, GM Smalley's playoff-bound 12-6 squad just 1.3 points behind the probably-playoff-bound 10-8 Bears.

Bluliners: 3.0
Ice Hogs: 6.0
The second H2H tiebreaker (position in overall standings) finds the Ice Hogs just 0.1 points behind the Wild Ducks and a berth in the postseason. The 6.0 point Monday also placed the Hogs in front of their opponent, GM Henry's must-win-again-and-again team leading the Bluliners by 3.0.

Badger Bob: 8.0
Wild Ducks: 4.0
With the Ice Hogs nipping at their heels (or whatever a duck has at the back of it's foot) the Wild Ducks square-off against one of the best H2H teams in the league. After one day the match is leaning in the direction of Badger Bob, GM Chester's squad 4.0 points in front.

Boulder Flyers: 6.0
SC Cobras: 1.0

This off-off-off-Broadway match features the two worst H2H teams in the league - a pivotal match that could determine what team finishes the season with the league's worst record. After Monday the 5-13 Boulder Flyers appear to be handling the pressure best, leading the also 5-13 SC Cobras by 5.0.

Vegas Vipers: 8.1
Mooses: 3.0
No team is facing greater pressure than the Vegas Vipers as they mathematically cannot afford to lose another match. Fortunately for GM Miller his team has been paired with the abandoned Mooses, the Vipers leading by 5.1 with six days remaining in the week.

Central Red Army: 4.0
Ice Cats: 4.0

A meeting of 10-8 teams finds the Central Red Army and the Ice Cats knotted after opening day; both teams seated in 2nd place in their respective divisions; both teams two games back with four weeks remaining in the regular season.

LINK: Standings
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WEEK 19 (thru Monday)
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