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 Who knew? The Detroit owners, I assume

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Let's Go Pens!!!

Let's Go Pens!!!

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Who knew? The Detroit owners, I assume Empty
PostSubject: Who knew? The Detroit owners, I assume   Who knew? The Detroit owners, I assume EmptyFri Feb 09, 2018 3:20 pm

Yessiree (Badger) Bob, life is a learning experience.

We've all heard "I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out."

But how about this? "I went to an airport and a light show from a Pink Floyd concert broke out?"

I wasn't aware of this until last night. Pub conversation while I was watching the thriller (kinda, uh, not so much) won by Calgary, 3-2, at New Jersey.

Talking about road trips. Guy and his girlfriend tell me about their trip to South Bend, IN for North Carolina at Notre Dame football. COOL!!! Shades of Joe Montana.

He then tells about another toad trip that included something about Detroit THAT I DID NOT KNOW. This is, of course, common knowledge for our Detroit-area owners. But I think it is worthwhile to share with the other owners.

Evidently, there are two lengthy terminals at the Detroit Airport, which I visited only once, back in 1989. But what I am about to share I don't think was in operation back then.

There is a tunnel connecting the two terminals. Makes sense, especially since it gets COLD in the Motor City this time of year.

But there is a creature comfort in the tunnel that I think is pretty cool -- a light show that brought back memories to me of the handful of Pink Floyd concerts I attended over the years, starting with the Animals Tour in the 1970s.

There is music that goes along with the light show. If I make a return to the Detroit Airport, wonder if I could request in advance something from Deep Purple smash album "Machine Head" as I walk through the tunnel? "Space Truckin'," "Smoke on the Water," "Lazy," "Highway Star," etc.

Who knew? The Detroit owners, I assume 51Ope3hiqqL

Eh, request probably wouldn't get approved even though I see lotsa purple in the screen grab from the YouTube video.

The link to a video on YouTube is below. If you are interested, there is a description of the light show. Click "Show More" to see the entire write-up.

Do people make like Todd Marinovich and then visit the airport to walk through the light tunnel?
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Who knew? The Detroit owners, I assume
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