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 WEEK 17 (thru Wednesday)

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WEEK 17 (thru Wednesday) Empty
PostSubject: WEEK 17 (thru Wednesday)   WEEK 17 (thru Wednesday) EmptyThu Jan 25, 2018 12:38 pm

WEEK 17 (thru Wednesday) ZZvvLnC
The Mooses playoff chances took a serious hit on Wednesday when high scoring winger and team MVP Brad Marchand was suspended for five games, his can't-afford-to-lose 6-10 team now shorthanded as they attempt to take down Badger Bob and their league-best 11-5 record.

Mooses: 25.3
Badger Bob: 19.0
The Mooses remain in upset-mode but with Marchand on the shelf their lead could soon enter evaporation-mode, GM McCormick's squad currently 6.3 points in front.

Boulder Flyers: 21.0
Bluliners: 11.9
Three days into the ten-day week the Boulder Flyers remain in front, GM Morgan's quick-starting squad leading the FHL's best team by 9.1.

Vegas Vipers: 23.6
Ice Hogs: 18.6

The Vegas Vipers have sprung to life, the third year franchise hoping to become playoff worthy with a win, their advantage over the Ice Cats now 5.0.

SC Cobras: 15.7
Misconducts: 21.0

The Misconducts are playing well but they haven't shaken the SC Cobras, GM Murphy's free-swinging team trailing GM Smalley's squad by 5.3.

Wild Ducks: 7.0
Central Red Army: 16.0
The Wild Ducks hope to use a huge 15-game Thursday to get back into this non-divisional match, GM Collard's struggling team a full 9.0 points in back of the Central Red Army.

Polar Bears: 16.0
Ice Cats: 13.0

With the four-day All-Star break looming the Polar Bears continue to lead, GM Elya's just-inside-the-playoffs team now 3.0 points better than the Ice Cats.

LINK: Standings

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Let's Go Pens!!!

Let's Go Pens!!!

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WEEK 17 (thru Wednesday) Empty
PostSubject: GREAT MINDS thinking alike   WEEK 17 (thru Wednesday) EmptyThu Jan 25, 2018 12:56 pm

I initially posted this under Tuesday news a short while ago. But since MorganWigge has chosen to lead with Brad Marchand, am copying it here.

# # #

The title: The game that keeps on giving

OK, we're back to Devils at Bruins Tuesday night.

Checking NHL news before I begin work Thursday and see that the NHL has suspended Brad Marchand of the Bruins (and Mooses in the FHL) for five games for elbowing Marcus Johansson of the Devils. WOAH, BATMAN!!!

I don't recall seeing that during my time watching -- midway through the first period through the end of the second. Maybe the penalty severe because Marchand is a "repeat offender?" He is out until February 7 against the Rangers.

The news brief I read said no penalty was called on the play.

So this is ANOTHER ONE missed by the refs in addition to the dubious double minor that was called on Miles Wood of the Devils. For the record, the refs in the game were Jean Hebert and Graham Skilliter.

I am now howling since I just found a typo in the box score on ESPN. The linesmen in the game, according to ESPN, were Derek Amell and Derek Amell. Is this kinda like Dr. Jimmy and Mr. Jim? Or is it Derek Amell Sr. and Derek Amell Jr.?

Referees: Jean Hebert, Graham Skilliter
Linesmen: Derek Amell, Derek Amell

OK, looked it up. The other linesman was Devin Berg. So that mystery is solved. Ironically, Berg wears #87!!! I like this guy. Until he makes a bad call against the Penguins, of course.


Devin Berg #87 Derek Amell #75

# # #

BIG GAME tonight for the Penguins. The Wild are in town. Pens usually have trouble with Minnesota for some reason. Question is who will start in goal for Pittsburgh -- Murray, Jarry or DeSmith?
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Let's Go Pens!!!

Let's Go Pens!!!

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WEEK 17 (thru Wednesday) Empty
PostSubject: Since the NHL suspended Brad Marchand, hope Dustin Brown is next!!!   WEEK 17 (thru Wednesday) EmptyThu Jan 25, 2018 1:55 pm

we can only hope the geniuses in charge will again suspend the sorry rear end of F Dustin Brown of the Los Angeles Kings the NEXT TIME he crosses the line. He has been suspended once in his career. But for those of us who watch the NHL closely, no question Brown has crossed the line a number of additional times and gotten away with it.

The most recent incident was in a game at Staples Center won by the Penguins 3-1 -- a hit from behind by Brown on Pittsburgh D Justin Schultz, who had fallen and WAS ON HIS KNEES IN FRONT OF THE BOARDS. Brown chose not to stop. He drove the head of Schultz into the boards. Received a five-minute major for boarding and a game misconduct. Somehow, even though Schultz did not suffer a concussion, no suspension for Brown. UNREAL!!!

Check out the articles below. The second one has a video.


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WEEK 17 (thru Wednesday) Empty
PostSubject: Re: WEEK 17 (thru Wednesday)   WEEK 17 (thru Wednesday) Empty

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WEEK 17 (thru Wednesday)
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