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Let's Go Pens!!!

Let's Go Pens!!!

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One reason I LOVE the NHL: INSTANT JUSTICE Empty
PostSubject: One reason I LOVE the NHL: INSTANT JUSTICE   One reason I LOVE the NHL: INSTANT JUSTICE EmptyWed Mar 08, 2017 9:27 pm

Instant justice. Because fighting is part of the game.

Not the organized mayhem perpetrated by the Philadelphia Flyers starting in the early-1970s. That was correctly legislated out of the game.

But fighting between two consenting adults. Fine. You bleeped with me. It's payback time.

You KNOW which team I root for in the NHL. But tonight we had justice NHL-style meted out to a high-powered member of the Pittsburgh Penguins. And to be perfectly honest, HE HAD IT COMING.

In this case, the aggrieved player waited patiently for the next time to play against the offending player.

The last time the Penguins and Jets played, a few weeks back in Pittsburgh, Penguins' C Evegni Malkin delivered a high hit (watched replay a few times, contact was part head and part shoulder) to Jets' W Blake Wheeler LONG after the puck was gone.

I don't believe Malkin got a minor penalty at the time. The NHL reviewed and did not give a suspension to Malkin. (Let's keep in mind suspensions have been handed out for far less. Why? Malkin is a superstar. Let's not beat around the bush. But he hit a star.) Wheeler afterward voiced his displeasure about the hit and no suspension for the record. His comments included about the hit, "It wasn't pleasant." Wheeler added that there was exactly zero reason for Malkin to have delivered the hit. And he is right.

As you also know, I like both Malkin and Wheeler.

Just so happens the Penguins and Jets are playing tonight in Winnipeg. At 3:33 of the first period, Wheeler and Malkin fought. I assume Wheeler asked for the bout and Malkin obliged.

This is how justice is handled in the NHL, unless you are a dirtabag named Ken Linseman, Esa Tikhanen, Richard Pilon or Dale Hunter. Cheap shot artists who would not fight. If someone in the group says Matt Cooke belongs in this group, OK fine. Let's not forget about Sean Avery.

I hadn't tuned into the Penguins-Jets game at that early point. And, frankly, I had forgotten about the Malkin hit on Wheeler. But upon checking box score, there is the fight at 3:33 of the first period.

Will get the details as to who initiated although an instigator minor penalty was not awarded.
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