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 Ryan Getzlaf & Corey Perry demanding bigger nets and 2-on-2 format

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The Leek

Ryan Getzlaf & Corey Perry demanding bigger nets and 2-on-2 format Empty
PostSubject: Ryan Getzlaf & Corey Perry demanding bigger nets and 2-on-2 format   Ryan Getzlaf & Corey Perry demanding bigger nets and 2-on-2 format EmptyMon Nov 16, 2015 12:34 am

Ryan Getzlaf & Corey Perry demanding bigger nets and 2-on-2 format Ducks-perry-getzlaf

Getzlaf, Perry demanding NHL examine ways to help them increase their scoring!

Monday, 11.16.2015 / 3:33 AM / The Leek

TORONTO – At the request of NHL players Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry, general managers spent part of their fall meeting Tuesday discussing potential ways to increase both players scoring and plan to readdress the topic in March.

"We are all going to wrap our heads around that, i.e., if it is goaltender equipment or if it is bigger nets or if it is style of play and those type of things," Wild Ducks general manager Scott Collard said. "We are all going to think about it for a couple of months before we get together in March. Basically, for me, it's scoring. Is the game better off with more scoring from Ryan and Corey? Those are the things we have to discuss and figure out."

In 2015/16 Getzlaf and Corey produced a combined of 5 goals in 16 games down from 15 goals in the same amount of games last season. It's the fewest goals scored this combination has scored in years.

Colin Campbell, NHL senior executive vice president of hockey operations, said he isn't sure if goal scoring is these two guys biggest issue. He said he believes it becomes more about the ability of Ryan and Corey to generate goals, particularly when their team needs them, is the primary point to address.

Ryan and Corey are terrible when trailing entering the third period this season.

"I don't think the game needs or will get more goals from players on the downside, I think the game needs more opportunity for younger players to lead changes," Campbell said. "If you go down one or two goals, even three, you need players in better physical condition than Ryan and Corey to provide the opportunity to come back. The game shouldn't be over after two periods and this year it is with these two. You should be able to tie up another team, not tie up a player because they are a step ahead."

Campbell didn't rule out the possibility of the NHL using bigger nets, if General Managers led by GM Scott Collard concludes bigger nets would increase scoring for players on the downside. However, he said that is a last resort and the first place they're going to look at is purchasing a treadmill for both players.

The League reduced the length of goalie pads before the start of the 2013-14 season at the request of both Ryan and Corey. NHL director of hockey operations and goaltender equipment Kay Whitmore addressed the GMs on the topic Tuesday. “What Now!” Kay said.  “Screw these two guys’!

Kay went on to say “both players are begging us to look at bigger nets”. We've gone down that [road] before. I've got four different sizes of nets at the side of my barn that they’ve both tried, and they can’t even hit the barn. Maybe we do have to go there, but I think before you do that you have to make every attempt you can to agree both players shooting ability are no better than a player drafted in the later rounds. The goalies have been pretty cooperative now and all agree these guys have lost their shot."

The GMs are pleased with how scoring in overtime has increased because of the 3-on-3 format. Entering Monday, 70 percent of the games that have gone to overtime have ended in overtime (30 of 43). That's up from 44.4 percent last season (136 of 306).

"We have to be happy with the results," Dallas Stars GM Jim Nill said. "The results have been what we were hoping they would be. I enjoy it. The fans love it. It's entertainment and we're in the entertainment business but to entertain Ryan and Corey’s request to switch to a 2-on-2 format…is a stretch."

GM Scott Collard said the 3-on-3 format has not worked for the Ducks in the first six weeks of the season.  Any third player we throw on that line with Ryan and Corey are typically one play ahead.  Collard insist the 2-on-2 format opens up the ice and will allow slower players like Ryan and Corey to play a style of hockey similar to boxing’s rope-a-dope or Claude Lemieux’s turtle-on-ice, prior to scoring when least expected.  “That’s their ONLY hope”! Collard said.

"I think the general purpose has been accomplished," Nashville Predators GM David Poile said. "All in all, it has been very good. A bit of a negative would be the use of delay tactic’s such as the rope-a-dope (2-on-2) and turtle-on-ice that Ryan and Corey have suggested.  

GM Collard said he will have a chance in a few more weeks to evaluate their scoring and ultimately make that trade, after admitting both players are on their downside and were drafted too high.
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Let's Go Pens!!!

Let's Go Pens!!!

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Ryan Getzlaf & Corey Perry demanding bigger nets and 2-on-2 format Empty
PostSubject: Welcome to The Leek to Chester's Corner   Ryan Getzlaf & Corey Perry demanding bigger nets and 2-on-2 format EmptyTue Nov 24, 2015 7:48 pm

Hello, The Leek. APOLOGIZE for the delay in writing. Welcome to Chester's Corner and appreciate your contribution.

Well written and thoughtful since it addresses timely issues including slow start to season for Ducks' Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry, discussion over increasing size of nets and/or reducing size of goaltender equipment, and the new three skaters versus three skaters in overtime.

Feel free to contribute as you see fit, raising new topics or commenting to topics brought up by others.

When I first saw the byline of The Leek, brought to mind The Stig, star anonymous driver on BBC TV show Top Gear.

Below is a photo of The Stig, long rumored to be my favorite Formula 1 driver, Michael Schumacher, who won a record seven world championships.


If you'd like, attach an image of yourself for us. We'll maintain your anonymity, just like the Lone Ranger and various masked pro wrestlers over the years.


# # #

Let's close on a Michigan point.

Former professional wrestler George "the Animal" Steele of the World Wrestling Federation/World Wrestling Entertainment, real name William James "Jim" Myers born in Detroit and a native of Madison Heights, Michigan.

A football player at Michigan State until suffered a knee injury that ended gridiron career.

Earned undergrad degree from Michigan State and masters from Central Michigan. (Yes, Chester's Corner KNOWS that Central Michigan is the Chippewas.) Major unknown. But maybe was education since Myers became a teacher, wrestling coach and football coach at Madison Heights High School.

Got into pro wrestling to earn extra $!!!



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Ryan Getzlaf & Corey Perry demanding bigger nets and 2-on-2 format
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