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 WEEK 15 (thru Monday)

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PostSubject: WEEK 15 (thru Monday)   WEEK 15 (thru Monday) EmptyTue Jan 08, 2019 2:40 pm

WEEK 15 (thru Monday) IOaZ6g0
The Ice Hogs were the quickest team out of the Week 15 gate, Devan Dubnyk (32 save shutout) contributing 6.4 of his team’s 12.4 points, the Hogs scooting past the Bluliners and into 5th place in the overall standings.

Ice Hogs: 12.4
Concussion Junction: 0.0

Trailing their division leader by just one game, the playoff-safe Ice Hogs begin play with their sights set on the Probert division lead. Concussion Junction meanwhile are fighting for their postseason lives, the Junk certain to tumble out of the 7-team playoff field if they fall to the Hogs.

Badger Bob: 0.0
Boulder Flyers: 3.0
Two games removed from the playoff picture, Badger Bob has to make a quick trip to the winner’s circle to keep their postseason hopes alive. That trip won’t be an easy one for the 5-9 team as they are pitted against the Boulder Flyers; the Flyers currently sitting on top of the Probert with a record of 9-5.

Vegas Vipers: 5.0
Ice Cats: 2.0
An extremely important non-divisional clash. The Ice Cats, 6-8, and Vegas Vipers, 5-8-1, are in almost identical situations - both teams sporting a record under .500; both teams in dire need of a win as they struggle to keep their playoff heads above water.

SC Cobras: 9.6
Wild Ducks: 7.0

The Wild Ducks are sitting pretty, a 9-5 record placing GM Collard’s team well within the playoff picture. The same can’t be said of the SC Cobras. While currently a playoff team, the 7-7 Cobras would be cast adrift if they succumb to the Ducks in Week 15.

Polar Bears: 5.4
Bluliners: 5.0
If the season ended today, neither the Polar Bears, 5-9, nor Bluliners, 6-7-1, would qualify for the playoffs. So, needless to say, this match is crucial with only 8 weeks remaining in the H2H regular season.

Central Red Army: 6.0
Misconducts: 7.2
A pivotal Domi division pairing featuring the 1st and 2nd place teams. If the Army defeats the Misconducts they’ll march to within 1 game of the division lead. If they lose, GM Buker’s troops will be shoved 3 games back.

LINK: Standings
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WEEK 15 (thru Monday)
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