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 WEEK 14 (thru Monday)

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PostSubject: WEEK 14 (thru Monday)   Tue Jan 01, 2019 8:27 pm

Sean Monahan was in a generous mood on Monday, the 4th round draft pick handing out five assists; the 10.0 point game helping to provide his 1st place team with their biggest lead to date, the Boulder Flyers now 30.6 points better than the 2nd place Misconducts.

Boulder Flyers: 22.0
Vegas Vipers: 15.0

While mathematically still in the playoff equation, the Vegas Vipers really canít afford to lose another match. The Boulder Flyers meanwhile are sitting on a two game lead in the Probert, a Week 14 victory more of a luxury than a necessity.

Polar Bears: 15.3
Misconducts: 4.0

Sitting comfortably on top of the Domi division, the Misconducts are not starving for a win. The opposite is true for the Polar Bears, GM Elyaís win-emaciated team in dire need of a victory, the Bears 5 very large games behind the Grimson leader.

Wild Ducks: 19.2
Bluliners: 18.2

An Original Six match featuring a team that is speed skating toward a spot in the postseason - the Grimson-leading Wild Ducks - and a team that is leaning heavily in the opposite direction, the Bluliners seated in last place in the Probert, 3.5 games behind the division leader.

Concussion Junction: 10.9
Ice Cats: 7.1

If the season ended today Concussion Junction, 6-7, would qualify for the playoffs. With a record under .500 however, the team canít afford to fall; a loss in Week 14 sure to shove the Junk out of the playoff picture. The Ice Cats are in a similar position, a 6-7 record placing the team 3 games behind their division leader.

Central Red Army: 19.8
SC Cobras: 16.4

A very important Domi clash as the SC Cobras, 7-6, square off against the 6-7 Central Red Army. The Cobras are within the playoff picture, 2 games behind the Domi-best Misconducts. The Army are 3 games back, the on-the-bubble squad tied with Concussion Junction for 3rd place.

Ice Hogs: 14.5
Badger Bob: 7.7

If the season ended today Badger Bob, 5-8, would not qualify for the playoffs. A victory would go a long way in reversing their postseason fortunes. The Ice Hogs meanwhile are in a much better position, a 7-6 record placing the Probert-lodged Hogs just 2 games back.

LINK: Standings
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WEEK 14 (thru Monday)
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