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 WEEK 12 (thru Tuesday)

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PostSubject: WEEK 12 (thru Tuesday)   WEEK 12 (thru Tuesday) EmptyWed Dec 19, 2018 11:56 am

WEEK 12 (thru Tuesday) Jj4dERr
The Misconducts snatched 1st place from the hands of the Boulder Flyers on Tuesday, Evgenii Dadonov carrying his team to the FHL Promised Land with a two goal, one assist, 7.0 point effort, GM Smalley’s two-time champion team now leading the top spot-wannabes by 7.1.

Misconducts: 25.2
SC Cobras: 15.7
The SC Cobras road to a victory got a lot bumpier on Tuesday as they were thumped by the Misconducts, GM Murphy’s snakes now trailing this Domi division feud by 9.5 points

Boulder Flyers: 5.0
Concussion Junction: 5.0
Living large in Week 11, the Boulder Flyers are squatting on skid row in Week 12, GM Morgan begging for points, a paltry 4.0 point effort leaving the flat-broke Flyers knotted with the also destitute Concussion Junction.

Polar Bears: 14.3
Wild Ducks: 21.0
The Polar Bears outpointed the Wild Ducks 10.3 to 7.0 on Tuesday, GM Elya and his team scooting closer to a hugely important win, the hopeful Bears now trailing the also-hopeful Ducks by 6.7.

Vegas Vipers: 12.8
Badger Bob: 7.8
Badger Bob unearthed a mere 4.0 points on Day 2 - allowing the Vegas Vipers to increase their lead - GM Miller’s must-win squad now sitting 5.0 rows in front of the Bobs.

Central Red Army: 11.1
Bluliners: 13.6

Only 0.1 point separated the Bluliners and Central Red Army on Tuesday, the Army netting 5.1; the Bluliners 5.0. All told, the Army inched a tiny bit closer, their deficit now 2.5.

Ice Cats: 8.0
Ice Hogs: 10.6

The Hogs were the better Ice team on Tuesday, a solid 10.6 point effort providing GM Henry and his Ice Hogs with a 2.6 lead over the Ice Cats.

LINK: Standings
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WEEK 12 (thru Tuesday)
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