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PostSubject: WEEK 11 (FINAL)   WEEK 11 (FINAL) EmptyMon Dec 17, 2018 11:16 am

WEEK 11 (FINAL) Yw08cdX
His Vegas Vipers team on the verge of a colossal comeback victory after netting 8.0 points earlier in the day, a dejected Johnny Gaudreau (2g, 1a) was at a loss for words during the post-Sunday interview; Bluliner Connor McDavid (1a) knotting the score with just 4:10 remaining in the week, both the Bluliners and Vegas Vipers finishing with the same 69.9 points.

Vegas Vipers: 69.9
Bluliners: 69.9
The Vegas Vipers needed to win and they didn’t - but they didn’t lose; their postseason hopes downgraded from “slim” to “slimmer" - the Vipers still dead last in the Grimson division with a record of 3-7-1. The tie didn’t go a long way in getting the Bluliners back in the race for their division crown, but it’s better than a loss, GM Hamilton’s squad still squatting in the Probert basement with a record of 4-6-1. Overall, the picture is much brighter for both teams, the Vipers nestled in 3rd place while the Bluliners occupy slot No. 5.

Boulder Flyers: 80.5
Wild Ducks: 60.5
The Wild Ducks played well on Sunday but their effort was snuffed-out by the Boulder Flyers - the birds improving to 8-3; a record that places the Probert division leader two games in front of the 2nd place Ice Hogs. The Wild Ducks suffered just their 4th loss, the team still the best of the Grimson with a record of 7-4. The Flyers begin Week 12 in 1st place, their overall lead now 13.1 points. The Ducks are sitting in 8th place - though still in the hunt for the coveted Cup, trailing by a manageable 56.6.

Misconducts: 86.4
Badger Bob: 59.2
The Misconducts were the best team of the week, a heavy 86.4 points flattening Badger Bob. With the victory the Misconducts improved to 8-3, their Domi division lead now two games. The Bobs depart the week with a losing record, last year’s H2H runner-up tumbling to 5-6; two games behind the Grimson division leader. The rock solid performance left the Misconducts in 2nd place overall; the water solid performance left Badger Bob in 11th place.

Central Red Army: 66.7
Concussion Junction: 36.0

Concussion Junction was the worst team of the week, a paltry 36.0 points further denting their heavily dented record, now 4-7; the team a distant four games behind the Domi division leader. The Central Red Army improved to 5-6 with the much-needed win, the defending H2H champion retaining their spot in the Domi, three games behind the Misconducts. The big picture finds the Army in 9th place while the Junction remain entrenched in the cellar, the team 22.6 steps from ground level.

Ice Cats: 68.3
Polar Bears: 44.6

The Ice Cats are still in the hunt for the Probert division title after thumping the Polar Bears, GM Cutshall’s squad improving to 5-6 with the victory. The Polar Bears postseason hopes took a serious hit, the squad falling to 4-7; three wide games behind the Grimson-leading Wild Ducks. While the Bears couldn’t handle the Cats in Week 11, the team is in a better position to claim the elusive FHL Cup - the Bears lodged in 6th place overall; the Cats napping in 10th.

Ice Hogs: 62.5
SC Cobras: 44.4
The Ice Hogs enjoyed a strong 62.5 point week, a number that smothered the weak 44.4 point effort of the SC Cobras. With the win, the Hogs improved to 6-5. Keeping pace with their Probert division leader, the Hogs remain two games back. Overall, the Hogs enter Week 12 in 7th place. The SC Cobras slumped to 6-5 with the loss, the suddenly struggling franchise sitting two games back in the Domi - and now out of the money in the overall standings, the 4th place snakes currently 26.8 points back.

Central Red Army v. Bluliners
Polar Bears v. Wild Ducks
Misconducts v. SC Cobras
Ice Hogs v. Ice Cats
Concussion Junction v. Boulder Flyers
Badger Bob v. Vegas Vipers

LINK: Standings
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