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PostSubject: WEEK 10 (FINAL)   WEEK 10 (FINAL) EmptyMon Dec 10, 2018 11:16 am

WEEK 10 (FINAL) EmdyLnf
Ice Cat freshman Elias Pettersson (1g, 4a) was brilliant on Sunday but his 11.0 point performance was successfully deflected by the white-hot Central Red Army, the Army pocketing 14.0 points on closing day to win this hotly contested must-win match by 6.8.

Central Red Army: 72.7
Ice Cats: 65.9

Standing on the brink of extinction at the start of the week, the Central Red Army picked themselves up by their combat boot straps to post the best score of the week, GM Buker’s charging troops improving to 4-6; the Army still relevant in all categories - seated in 3rd place in the Domi and 9th place overall, just 62.6 points back. The Ice Cats slipped to 4-6 with the difficult-to-swallow defeat, the hard-luck team now buried at the bottom of the Probert with a record of 4-6. The team’s overall prospects remain “okay to err, kinda okay,” the Cats trailing the best of the FHL by 68.8.

Polar Bears: 68.0
Vegas Vipers: 50.3

Perhaps hungover from the celebrations that followed the ending of their six-match losing streak, the Vegas Vipers stumbled to yet another loss, GM Miller’s team falling to 3-7; the league’s worst record placing the Vipers four games behind the Grimson-leading Wild Ducks. While the team continues to flounder in the H2H race, the Vipers are still sitting pretty overall, nestled in 3rd place, just 23.7 points back. The Polar Bears win was a H2H lifesaver, GM Elya’s squad still in the playoff hunt with a record of 4-6; three games back in the Grimson. As it pertains to the pursuit of their second FHL championship, Week 10 was a good one, the Bears moving onto 4th place overall, now just 28.1 points behind the front-runner.

Wild Ducks: 40.4
Badger Bob: 39.9
The Wild Ducks anemic Week 10 score was better than only two other teams, but one of those teams was their H2H opponent, the Ducks driving past the broken-down Bobs on the final day of the week. With the win the Ducks improved to 7-3, the 7th place overall squad still camped on top of the Grimson, their advantage now two games. Badger Bob is happy to kiss Week 10 goodbye, a slim 39.9 point showing dropping the defending champion into the FHL basement, the 12th place Bobs now trailing the 1st place SC Cobras by 85.0 points. The H2H picture isn’t quite as bleak, the 5-5 Grimson division team resting uncomfortably in 2nd place.

Boulder Flyers: 65.8
Bluliners: 58.3
January 28, 2016 marks the last time the Bluliners defeated the Boulder Flyers; the Flyers having now won 5 consecutive matches against the 4-time FHL champion. With the intradivision win the Flyers improved to 7-3, GM Morgan’s birds now enjoying a two game lead in the Probert. Overall the Flyers are poised to pounce in 2nd place, departing Week 10 just 9.3 points from the top. In defeat, the Bluliners slipped to 4-6, GM Hamilton's squad now a distant three games back in the Probert. Despite the dismal H2H mark, the team’s championship chances are still good, the Bluliners entering Week 11 just 38.7 points behind the coveted FHL Cup.

SC Cobras: 49.0
Concussion Junction: 43.4
The SC Cobras weren’t great but they were good enough to retain their lofty position in the overall standings. Their 49.0 point score was also good enough to take down Concussion Junction, the Cobras improving to 6-4 with the win - a record that places the snakes just one game behind the best of the Domi division. The loss was especially harmful to Concussion Junction, GM Brendan’s greasy team sliding into last place in the Domi, now three games back. The overall standings find the teetering first year franchise in 11th place, a mere 0.6 points clear of the basement.

Misconducts: 56.8
Ice Hogs: 34.5
Q. What can a team expect after posting the worst score of the week? A. Nothing - and “Nothing” is what the Ice Hogs generated from their league-low performance, the team slumping to 5-5; a record that leaves the Hogs two games behind the Probert division leader. Overall, the Hogs sunk to 8th place, though still within spitting distance (if you can spit a long way), the team now 47.5 points back. The Misconducts remained the sole owner of the Domi division lead, the win further enhancing their league-best record, now 7-3. While the team slipped to 5th place in the overall standings, the deficit remains manageable, GM Smalley’s squad just 28.3 points back in the pursuit of what would be their 3rd FHL championship.

Badger Bob v. Misconducts
Central Red Army v. Concussion Junction
Polar Bears v. Ice Cats
Wild Ducks v. Boulder Flyers
SC Cobras v. Ice Hogs
Bluliners v. Vegas Vipers

LINK: Standings
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