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 WEEK 10 (thru Monday)

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PostSubject: WEEK 10 (thru Monday)   WEEK 10 (thru Monday) EmptyTue Dec 04, 2018 12:03 pm

WEEK 10 (thru Monday) 3EPR563
The Polar Bears excavated a fat 18.8 points from a thin three-game Monday, Nikita Kucherov doing most of the unearthing with a goal, three assists and 8.0 FHL points, the bounding Bears leaping into 4th place in the overall standings.

Polar Bears: 18.8
Vegas Vipers: 3.0

A huge Grimson division showdown. The Polar Bears and Vegas Vipers have identical 3-6 records; both teams seated in 3rd place in the Grimson, three full games behind the division leader. As it pertains to each team’s playoff chances, a win is essential; a loss would be monumentally detrimental.

SC Cobras: 3.1
Concussion Junction: 2.0
Another very important same-division clash as the SC Cobras of the Domi division do battle with the Domi’s Concussion Junction. The Cobras occupy 2nd place with a record of 5-4. The 3rd place Junction are 4-5. With the match representing a two game swing in the standings, the result of this confrontation will have a lot to say as to who skates in the postseason.

Boulder Flyers: 0.0
Bluliners: 3.0
Yet another same division war as the Bluliners and Boulder Flyers lock horns. The Flyers lead the Probert with a record of 6-3; the Bluliners sit two games back with a mark of 4-5. The Bluliners are essentially skating in must-win territory. With the division winners getting a pass to the playoffs, the Flyers would like to win this match, but they don't have to win this match - unlike the Bluliners.

Wild Ducks: 1.0
Badger Bob: 3.0
Another pivotal same-division war? Yes indeed as the Wild Ducks and Badger Bob butt heads. The Wild Ducks are the best of the Grimson with a record of 6-3. Badger Bob is seated in 2nd place with a record of 5-4; the Bobs trailing the Ducks by just one game. In simple terms: If Badger Bob wins they’ll be tied for the division lead. If they lose, they’ll fall two games back. Important match? Hells yes.

Ice Hogs: 0.0
Misconducts: 3.0
A non-divisional match that should be heated as both teams are playing very well. The Ice Hogs bring a 5-4 record to the fray while the Misconducts counter with a record of 6-3. The Misconducts are still sitting atop the Domi but their lead was recently shaved to a single game. The Ice Hogs occupy the 2nd slot in the Probert, the team just one game behind the division leader.

Central Red Army: 1.0
Ice Cats: 0.0

Another extremely important match but for different reasons. While other teams are seeking to bolster their playoff chances, the Ice Cats and Central Red Army are scurrying to prevent their playoff hopes from flatlining; both teams toying with extinction. The Cats are 4-5, last in the Probert. The Army are 3-6, last in the Domi. It might be a bit early to label a loss “the final nail in the coffin,” but we’re getting close.

LINK: Standings
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WEEK 10 (thru Monday)
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