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 WEEK 8 (thru Monday)

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PostSubject: WEEK 8 (thru Monday)   WEEK 8 (thru Monday) EmptyTue Nov 20, 2018 3:13 pm

WEEK 8 (thru Monday) E8FPAEE
A huge reason for the SC Cobras success, Matt Duchene was huge again on Monday, the mid-7th round draft pick (i.e. steal) collecting 7.0 of his team’s league-best 24.9 points, the still-surging 1st place Cobras now 8.2 points better than the rest.

SC Cobras: 24.9
Boulder Flyers: 17.0
The Boulder Flyers, 5-2, thought they were sitting pretty with 17.0 points. That changed when GM Morgan learned that the SC Cobras, 3-4, were again the best team in the league, GM Murphy’s soaring snakes leading this non-divisional ruckus by 7.9.

Ice Cats: 13.2
Bluliners: 14.0
A pivotal Probert division clash finds the Ice Cats and their 3-4 record doing battle with the 4-3 Bluliners. Very little separates the two combatants after a points-juicy Monday, the Bluliners leading the Cats by 0.8.

Badger Bob: 6.0
Central Red Army: 11.8
Badger Bob enters this non-divisional match with a better record than their opponent. The Army however are favored to prevail as they currently sit higher in the standings. After one day the Central Red Army are living up to their “favorite” status, the 8th place team leading the 10th place Bobs by 5.8.

Concussion Junction: 4.6
Polar Bears: 9.6

With a win, Concussion Junction is hoping to jump back into the H2H playoff picture. The Polar Bears meanwhile are hoping to keep the playoff picture in sight. After one day of points-dealing the Bears hold the better hand, GM Elya’s squad currently 5.0 points better than the Junction.

Wild Ducks: 5.0
Ice Hogs: 15.0
Standing in a hole all of last week, the Wild Ducks find themselves standing in a hole again, the Ice Hogs crushing Monday for 15.0 points, the team already 10.0 points better than GM Collard’s misfiring Ducks.

Misconducts: 14.3
Vegas Vipers: 18.7

The Vegas Vipers erupted for 18.7 points - the second best Monday number in the league. That’s the good news. The bad news: The Misconducts bagged 14.3 of their own, the Vipers again forced to work hard for what continues to be an elusive win.

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WEEK 8 (thru Monday)
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