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WEEK 6 (FINAL) Empty
PostSubject: WEEK 6 (FINAL)   WEEK 6 (FINAL) EmptyMon Nov 12, 2018 10:15 am

Vegas Viper fans were giddy two weeks into the season as their team was in first place overall, sporting a perfect H2H record of 2-0. Six weeks into the season the once-giddy fans are stunned and dismayed, the Vipers suffering their fourth consecutive loss, the frayed franchise tumbling to 7th place in the overall standings.

Wild Ducks: 40.6
Vegas Vipers: 34.8

The Wild Ducks didn’t play their best hockey but they were good enough, closing the week in first place overall and first place in the Grimson division, the Ducks H2H record near-perfect at 5-1. The Vegas Vipers will look to end the ugly in Week 7 but for now they can only lick their wounds, the limping team sliding further south in the overall standings, their Grimson division deficit now three full games.

Misconducts: 67.2
Concussion Junction: 26.8
The Misconducts were the best of Week 6, GM Smalley’s squad departing the stanza in 2nd place overall, just 3.9 points back. H2H-wise, the two-time champion remains the best of the Domi with a record of 5-1. With the team struggling and GM Brendan making only one roster move since the start of the season, the FHL cellar is looking like a permanent home for Concussion Junction, the first year franchise falling 79.0 points back, their H2H record dismal at 2-4.

Badger Bob: 45.7
Bluliners: 41.3
The Bluliners rallied on Sunday - spooking their opponent - but alas the rally fell short, the Bluliners falling to 3-3 in the Probert, still one game behind the division leader. Overall, the Bluliners scooted back into the money, the 3rd place team trailing the Ducks by 5.3. Badger Bob needed to win and win they did, the 2017-18 H2H runnerup squaring their record at 3-3; two games back in the Grimson. The big picture finds the Bobs in 10th place, a still doable 50.5 points behind the leader.

Central Red Army: 57.8
Ice Hogs: 49.4
The Central Red Army made a return trip to their winning ways, last year’s H2H champion improving to 3-3, the team remaining two games behind the Domi-leading Misconducts. Overall, the Army begin Week 7 play in 9th place, 41.6 points back. All four Probert division teams lost, and the Ice Hogs were one of them, GM Henry’s pigs now 3-3 on the season. In search of their third FHL Cup, the Hogs find themselves in 6th place, just 20.9 steps south of the leader.

Polar Bears: 63.8
Boulder Flyers: 47.0

There was no touching the Polar Bears as the white and white-hot Bears improved to 2-4, the team remaining three games back in the Grimson. The overall picture continues to brighten, GM Elya’s team now just 38.7 points back, the Bears nestled in 8th place. The Boulder Flyers saw their record fall to 4-2, the team still one game better than any team in the Probert. Despite falling to 4th place overall, the Flyers are still standing in positive territory, GM Morgan’s birds just 8.4 points from the top.

SC Cobras: 55.6
Ice Cats: 48.4
The SC Cobras were finally able to turn their good play into a victory, GM Murphy’s squad improving to 2-4 with the crucial win. An FHL Cup finish continues to look like a possibility for the in-form franchise, the snakes poised to pounce as they are curled-up in 5th place, just 20.6 points behind the 1st place Ducks. The Ice Cats removed themselves from the basement. That’s the only good news as GM Cutshall’s squad slipped to 2-4, still two games back in the Probert. The overall picture is just as ugly, the veteran franchise beginning Week 7 in 11th place, 68.5 points back.

Wild Ducks v. Concussion Junction
Misconducts v. Ice Cats
Central Red Army v. Boulder Flyers
Bluliners v. Ice Hogs
SC Cobras v. Vegas Vipers
Polar Bears v. Badger Bob

LINK: Standings­­
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Let's Go Pens!!!

Let's Go Pens!!!

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WEEK 6 (FINAL) Empty
PostSubject: MorganWigge writes THE TRUTH   WEEK 6 (FINAL) EmptyMon Nov 12, 2018 1:27 pm

At about 1:45 Monday morning, I was scanning through the box scores to see if B2 had enough points to hold on.

A lot of players had hit the scoresheet for Bluliners. So I was not 100 percent confident.

The count, however, did end with a favorable result.

I could not remember if Evander Kane of San Jose had hit bonus territory or not on Sunday. Once again, Tyson Barrie of Colorado found a way to score major points -- 6.0 on 1 DG and 1 DA -- against B2.

Goaltender Jaroslav Halak of Boston and Blake "the Captain" Wheeler of Winnipeg were the big reasons late in the week for the B2 win.

Halak played back-to-back over the weekend with Rask out of personal reason. I am patting myself on the back for coaching decision -- start Halak and sit Rask.

Halak delivered 7.7 points -- 4.0 on 40 saves in a 5-1 win over Toronto on Saturday and 3.7 on 37 saves in a 4-1 win over Las Vegas on Sunday.

Meanwhile, Wheeler, as MorganWigge reported Saturday, was the FHL No. 1 star Friday night, delivering 11 points -- 1 G and 4 A -- in a 5-2 win over Colorado. (I was very happy that Barrie only had 1.0 on 1 A in this game for Bluliners.) Then, Wheeler provided 2.0 more -- 2 A -- in a 5-2 win over New Jersey on Sunday.

Wheeler is off to a great start this season, 23 points in 16 games. But I'd like a few more of those points to be goals. He has 3 G and 20 A.

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