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 WEEK 3 (thru Tuesday)

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PostSubject: WEEK 3 (thru Tuesday)   WEEK 3 (thru Tuesday) EmptyWed Oct 17, 2018 12:23 pm

WEEK 3 (thru Tuesday) PzSss9W
The best team of Week 2 is well on their way to landing the best score in Week 3, the Bluliners buoyed by the 10.0 point effort of Connor McDavid (2g, 2a), the surging four-time champion drawing to within 12.8 points of first place.

Wild Ducks: 7.1
Bluliners: 21.0
It’s not a good week to play the Bluliners. If you need proof look no further than the inverted smile on the face of GM Collard, his team steamrolled on Tuesday, the flattened Wild Ducks now trailing the bouncing Bluliners by 12.9.

Vegas Vipers: 13.0
Boulder Flyers: 8.0
The Dallas Stars were shutout on Tuesday, as such the Stars-heavy Vegas Vipers were mostly held in check, this contest remaining more or less the same, the stumbling Boulder Flyers now trailing the Vipers by 5.0.

Badger Bob: 14.0
Ice Hogs: 5.1
The Ice Hogs finally found the scoresheet on Tuesday, netting 5.1 on Day 2 of the seven day week. Badger Bob countered with a quiet 4.0 points of their own, the winless Bobs now leading the undefeated Hogs by 8.9.

Misconducts: 8.7
Polar Bears: 9.0

All of the Misconducts points came compliments of their goalies (Keith Kincaid, 25 save shutout; Cam Talbot, 29 save win) but the 7.7 wasn’t enough to quell the 9.0 collected by the Polar Bears who now lead this tussle by 0.3.

Central Red Army: 4.0
SC Cobras: 15.9

The SC Cobras trek to greener pastures continued on Tuesday, the rejuvenated snakes unleashing 10.0 points on their napping opponent, GM Murphy’s squad now 11.9 points better than the camped Central Red Army.

Concussion Junction: 13.7
Ice Cats: 10.0

Concussion Junction posted the second best Tuesday score, GM Smalley’s squad uncovering 11.7 points, the team now walking a path that will lead to their first-ever FHL H2H victory, the Junction 3.7 points better than the Ice Cats.

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WEEK 3 (thru Tuesday)
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