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 WEEK 25 (thru Tuesday)

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PostSubject: WEEK 25 (thru Tuesday)   WEEK 25 (thru Tuesday) EmptyWed Mar 28, 2018 12:19 pm

WEEK 25 (thru Tuesday) Tr2JFqj
Using a recently unwrapped Kyle Palmieri (2g, 1a) fishing pole, the Bluliners have begun to reel-in Badger Bob, a league-best 25.1 point Tuesday drawing the four-time FHL Cup champion to within 11.1 points of first place.

The Battle for the FHL Cup
Sliding in the wrong direction the badgered Bluliners did an about-face on Tuesday, GM Hamilton's rejuvenated squad once again in position to deny Badger Bob a season-ending $500.00 payday and their first FHL championship.

The Bout for the Money
The Wild Ducks pocketed 11.0 points on Tuesday, the team moving back into 4th place, now 13.1 points behind the 3rd place Central Red Army. In 5th place, the Boulder Flyers now sit 13.6 points behind the money.

The Scrap for the Laughing Bag
Thought to be out of the woods, the Polar Bears are back in the woods, a paltry 5.4 point Tuesday dropping the team back into 11th place, a mere 17.5 points better than the SC Cobras and the not-so-coveted Laughing Bag.

Championship Match
The winner receives $100.00; the runner-up is awarded $70.00.

Badger Bob: 10.8
Central Red Army: 15.4

The Central Red Army collected 7.0 points but lost ground to Badger Bob, the Bobs and their 8.8 point Tuesday drawing to within 4.6 of the Army.

Consolation Match
The winner receives $30.00; the runner-up receives a pat on the back.

Wild Ducks: 13.0
Bluliners: 27.1

The Bluliners terrific Tuesday not only placed them back in the Cup race but also provided GM Hamilton with a healthy lead, the Bluliners now 14.1 points better than the Ducks.

LINK: Standings
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WEEK 25 (thru Tuesday)
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