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 WEEK 23 (thru Thursday)

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PostSubject: WEEK 23 (thru Thursday)   Fri Mar 16, 2018 11:21 am

No stranger to big games after scoring 35 goals last season, Cam Atkinson made a return trip to big game territory on Thursday, the 28 year-old sniper tweaking the twine for three goals and 9.0 points, his Bluliners team drawing to within 2.6 points of first place.

The Battle for the FHL Cup
The back-and-forth battle for the FHL Cup continued on Thursday as the Bluliners outpointed Badger Bob 11.0 to 5.5, the Bobs margin now less than 3.0 points with 24 days remaining in the 2017-18 season.

The Bout for the Money
The Boulder Flyers pushed back on Thursday - Mikko Rantanen (2g, 2a) posting 10.0 of his team's 20.0 points, the Flyers now 15.1 points better than the 4th place Wild Ducks and 19.6 points in front of the 5th place Central Red Army.

The Scrap for the Laughing Bag
James van Reimsdyk (2g, 1a) was trouble once again as the Vegas Vipers forward netted 7.0 of his teams's 8.0 points, the SC Cobras shoved another 2.0 points deeper into the cellar, the squad now 47.0 steps from the door leading to daylight.

First round, Playoffs
Playoffs are three weeks in length (Weeks 23-25). Prize money is awarded to three teams: the H2H champion ($100.00), runner-up ($70.00) and winner of the consolation match ($30.00).

Central Red Army: 59.1
Polar Bears: 17.4

Just when you thought this match couldn't get any uglier, it got uglier. The Central Red Army were good again while the Polar Bears continue to languish in mediocrity, the hard-marching Army now leading the disheveled Bears by 41.7 points.

Wild Ducks: 32.7
Misconducts: 35.0

Anze Kopitar (1g, 3a, 8.0 pts) wrestled the steering wheel away from GM Collard, his Misconducts team now leading the Wild Ducks by 2.3 points with three days remaining in the week.

Bluliners: 34.6
Ice Cats: 30.2

Historically explosive, you can't count the Ice Cats out of any match - and that appears to be the case once again, a 12.4 point outing placing GM Cutshall's team just 4.4 points behind the Bluliners.

LINK: Standings
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Let's Go Pens!!!

Let's Go Pens!!!

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PostSubject: As I said   Fri Mar 16, 2018 12:08 pm

the fantasy puck can bounce your way or not. And the margin of good news or nada can be so thin.

Which brings us to the empty-net goal at 19:59 of the third period for Cam Atkinson of Columbus and Bluliners. Was worth five points as it completed a hat trick, which, for a forward, equals 9.0.

(I remember benefitting similarly from an empty-net goal from Wheeler of Winnipeg earlier in the season. So it works both ways. And last night, Wheeler was on for the empty-net goal at the end of Winnipeg's win over Chicago. But the goal was recorded as F Connor unassisted.)

For Atkinson, this season has been a far cry from last season. His production is way down. He currently has 16 G (including the three last night) and 17 A for 33 points compared to a career-best 35-27-62 last season. But as far as fantasy is concerned, all the matters for Bluliners is what Atkinson has done lately. And what he did last night was BIG.

While painful to the B2 cause, Atkinson's hat trick is why I find the fantasy game highly interesting. The interest magnified in this case due to the bonus system in the FHL.

In some leagues, there is a bonus for a hat trick. In other leagues, a third goal in a game is worth the same as the first and second goals the player scored. This difference in rules from league to league also is a factor that makes things interesting for me.

Looking ahead to tonight, I believe Bluliners has the advantage in active players, 6-4. What the margin for Bluliners actually is heading into the games will depend on whether John Gibson of B2 gets the start tonight in goal for Anaheim.

And then there was F Rantanen of Colorado pumping big energy into Boulder Flyers last night with a 10-point effort on 2 G and 2 A. (Fortunately for me, D Barrie only had 1.0 on 1 A for Bluliners.)

In addition to Florida, Colorado is really hot. And that is also good news for Central Red Army, which has the best player on the Avalanche -- MacKinnon.
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PostSubject: Re: WEEK 23 (thru Thursday)   Fri Mar 16, 2018 12:37 pm

Immediately after Atkinson's empty net goal, I was thinking, maybe we should change the rule next year, after all, there's no skill needed to shoot the puck into an unmanned goal. Maybe empty net goals shouldn't qualify for bonus points.

Later that evening, after Rantanen's empty-netter, my thoughts drifted to "I wonder what I can buy the person who thought of that rule; food, chocolate, a Best Buy gift card maybe."
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PostSubject: Re: WEEK 23 (thru Thursday)   

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WEEK 23 (thru Thursday)
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