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 WEEK 22 (thru Friday)

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PostSubject: WEEK 22 (thru Friday)   Sat Mar 10, 2018 1:49 pm

Bombardier Seth Jones dropped another two goals (9.0 pts) on Friday, the late 3rd round draft pick bumping his season totals to 13 goals and 33 assists in 69 games, his Central Red Army team moving into 5th place in the overall standings, now just 50.9 points in back of third place and a season-ending payday.

Central Red Army: 41.2
Ice Hogs: 20.6

GM Henry's inspirational locker room talk has apparently fallen on deaf ears - many of the players reportedly cleaning their golf clubs during Henry's speech - the Ice Hogs and their playoff hopes now trailing the still-on-fire Central Red Army by 20.6 points.

Bluliners: 26.6
Wild Ducks: 46.3

With the Pittsburgh Penguins playing two games on the weekend this Original Six match is pretty much over, the Penguins-saturated Wild Ducks already leading the Bluliners by 19.7.

Boulder Flyers: 43.1
Badger Bob: 37.3

Once again the Boulder Flyers were better than Badger Bob - but again, just by a little - the Bobs still very much in this non-divisional contest, trailing Morgan's birds by 5.8 points.

Polar Bears: 26.3
Mooses: 41.2

After Friday the Polar Bears trail the Mooses by the same 14.9 points, GM Elya's situation upgraded to "desperate" as only 15 weekend games remain on the Week 22 schedule.

Misconducts: 21.0
Vegas Vipers: 19.0

There is still hope for the Vegas Vipers to wrap the regular season with a rare victory, a 5.0 point Friday placing the Vipers just 2.0 points behind the coasting Misconducts.

Ice Cats: 35.3
SC Cobras: 35.2

Friday saw the Ice Cats pounce on the SC Cobras, a 4.2 point showing placing GM Cutshall's Probert-title-hopeful team 0.1 points in front of the did-nothing-on-Friday snakes.

LINK: Standings
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WEEK 22 (thru Friday)
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