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 WEEK 22 (thru Wednesday)

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PostSubject: WEEK 22 (thru Wednesday)   WEEK 22 (thru Wednesday) EmptyThu Mar 08, 2018 12:13 pm

WEEK 22 (thru Wednesday) FrDj1hl
Leading on every judges scorecard before being knocked down in Round 22, the Bluliners will have to clear their head and regain their footing if the want to win their 5th FHL Cup championship, the team trailing by 5.6 points with five rounds still be contested in the 26 round heavyweight bout.

Bluliners: 17.6
Wild Ducks: 33.3

The Wild Ducks aren't helping much when it comes to the Bluliners clearing their head, the team unleashing a league-best 11.0 points on Wednesday, GM Collard's squad not only on track for a playoff-clinching win but now sit just 68.3 points out of first place.

Boulder Flyers: 23.4
Badger Bob: 23.2

After three days these two teams couldn't be any closer (they could actually, but you get the drift), the Boulder Flyers now leading Badger Bob by 0.2 points.

Polar Bears: 19.2
Mooses: 28.2
If the Polar Bears miss the playoffs (and they would if they lose and the Hogs and Ducks win) it would be a collapse of semi-epic proportions, GM Elya's backs-against-the-wall squad trailing the suddenly mighty Mooses by 9.0 points.

Central Red Army: 17.7
Ice Hogs: 10.0
The Ice Hogs used Wednesday as a day to rest in advance of a huge 12-game Thursday, the napping team falling 3.6 additional points behind the Central Red Army, GM Henry's under-pressure squad now trailing by 7.7.

Misconducts: 7.0
Vegas Vipers: 11.0

The Misconducts' Week 22 fire has yet to ignite, a league-low 7.0 points placing GM Smalley's smoldering squad 4.0 points behind the also-smoldering Vegas Vipers.

Ice Cats: 24.1
SC Cobras: 28.0
Sensing they were in trouble, the Ice Cats arched their back on Wednesday, a 10.6 point effort drawing GM Cutshall's squad back into this match, the Cats now trailing the SC Cobras by only 3.9 points.

LINK: Standings
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WEEK 22 (thru Wednesday)
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