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 Something I have never seen before in a NHL game...is not in the boxscore

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PostSubject: Something I have never seen before in a NHL game...is not in the boxscore   Fri Jan 26, 2018 12:46 pm

Hello, all. If you look at the individual player stats of last night's Calgary at Edmonton "Battle of Alberta" won by Edmonton in the (awful) shootout, 4-3, you will see that Edmonton F Connor McDavid had 10 PIM. But if you look in the box score, the penalty to McDavid is not listed.

What's up YO? Well, something I have never seen nor heard of I the NHL until right now occurred in this game. McDavid was given a 10-minute misconduct AT THE END OF THE SHOOTOUT after he scored the winning goal.

The penalty was completely symbolic as far as the outcome of the game was concerned. I don't know if a player gets fined for a 10-minute misconduct. But the 10 PIM definitely was a windfall to McDavid owners in fantasy leagues in which PIM is a positive category.

Let's go to the video...

You can see McDavid gesturing around 16 seconds into the video. That's what earned him the misconduct. An explanation is in the game recap posted on ESPN.com.


Here are the relevant paragraphs:

The shootout tally came after McDavid thought he had set up the winner on a goal by Ryan Strome in overtime, only to have it called back after he was charged with goaltender interference for clipping David Rittich's (word missing? stick?) on his way through the crease.

Upset the goal was called off, McDavid was seen indicating that maybe they should check upstairs to see if his shootout winner was valid as well.

"I shouldn't have done that, but it was frustrating," the Oilers captain said. "I think everyone just wants it to be black and white, to be goaltender interference or not. I saw it on the Jumbotron and what I saw was just myself trying to make a play at the net and I was trying to get out of the way. I do avoid the goalie, but I catch his stick."

Here is the video of the interference call against McDavid in overtime. A good call or HOOEY? You be the judge.

It is painfully clear that McDavid is LONG GONE from the crease when Strome shoots the puck into the net. Rittich barely moved as a result of the contact with his stick.

Tuesday night we had the screwball double minor against Miles Wood of New Jersey and now this. But this time, my blame goes to the "situation room" in Toronto.

For the record, the referees in the Calgary-Edmonton game were, according to ESPN, howling again, Steve Kozari and Steve Kozari.

Referees: Steve Kozari, Steve Kozari

Upon looking it up elsewhere, the refs were Steve Kozari #40 and Kendrick Nicholson #30.

I think the referees got the call right. But as per the announcement by Nicholson, the call on the ice was over-ruled by Toronto. IL EST TERRIBLE. (Means "it is terrible" in French.)

I leave you with a question. Which "situation room" is worse? The NHL version in Toronto that makes calls like the one you just saw. Or the "Situation Room," a "news program" on CNN hosted by Wolf Blitzer. Hmmm. Thinking rock and hard place.
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PostSubject: Re: Something I have never seen before in a NHL game...is not in the boxscore   Sat Jan 27, 2018 1:43 pm

Props to McDavid for the gesture, nice to see the kid has some spunk.

Very strange though that the NHL called-out their Golden Boy. Traditionally, golden boys are attached to a very long lease .... or is that just the NBA?
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Something I have never seen before in a NHL game...is not in the boxscore
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