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 WEEK 16 (thru Wednesday)

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PostSubject: WEEK 16 (thru Wednesday)   Thu Jan 18, 2018 1:35 pm

The SC Cobras are flexing their muscles in Week 16, the last place, 3-12 team posting the fourth best score of the week; another 5.0 points on Wednesday providing the snakes with a 4.8 point lead.

Polar Bears: 8.0
SC Cobras: 12.8

With a little luck (and more points than their opponent) the SC Cobras could secure their 4th win of the season, GM Murphy's team the lead car in this non-divisional motorcade.

Wild Ducks: 17.0
Boulder Flyers: 5.0

The Boulder Flyers were handed another bagel on Wednesday, the Wild Ducks padding their lead by 4.0, GM Collard's squad now 12.0 points in front.

Central Red Army: 5.0
Bluliners: 14.5

The Bluliners didn't score on a slow two-game Wednesday, the Central Red Army inching 2.0 points closer to the best overall team in the league.

Badger Bob: 8.0
Vegas Vipers: 15.0

Badger Bob finally found the scoresheet, a girthy 8.0 point performance placing the Bobs just 7.0 points behind the now-nervous Vegas Vipers.

Ice Cats: 2.0
Misconducts: 2.0

The Misconducts are tied with the Ice Cats after securing 2.0 points on Wednesday, both teams still struggling however as they have combined for a not-so-grand total of 4.0.

Ice Hogs: 4.4
Mooses: 1.3

The Ice Hogs inched further ahead of the idling Mooses, GM Henry's pigs now leading by 3.1 with four days remaining in the week.

LINK: Standings
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Let's Go Pens!!!

Let's Go Pens!!!

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PostSubject: B2 seemingly catches another break   Thu Jan 18, 2018 2:26 pm

I try to keep track of FHL matchup by looking at box scores on ESPN.com while the games are in progress. Why? Putting on my IT (information technology) hat, NHL.com is a FRIGGIN' SLOTH in terms of end-user experience. Takes forever to load or move between locations on the Website. Forget about VIDEO unless you want to time the response time with a sundial. AINT GOT THAT KINDA TIME YO!!! Want to be able to roll through pertinent games quickly and easily. No problem with ESPN.com.

So seem to have caught a break in that V2 D Cam Fowler had 2 A in the ESPN box score after the Ducks completed their win over the Penguins last night, 5-3. If I remember correctly, Fowler had been credited with A on the second and third Anaheim goals, which came in the second period. They were both secondary assists.

I see that overnight one of those assists disappeared from what is now posted on NHL.com, the source for FHL scoring. Lucky for B2.

# # #

Had the time last night to listen via Internet to second and third periods of Penguins' hockey "Night Owl Club Edition." This is any West Coast game, including Vancouver.

Have been busy. So was good to just relax and listen, even though the outcome was not what I wanted. And my two cats largely cooperated. They didn't behave toward each other like Stu Grimson and Bob Probert in a Chicago versus Detroit game circa early 1990s. (Remember Probie had 315 PIM in 1990-91!!! OH MAN!!! Grimson ONLY had 183.)

Pens led 1-0 after first period on a goal by Malkin with under two minutes to go. They then lost steam and coughed up four goals in the second, none of which the announcers felt were the fault of G Jarry. They then rallied in third on PPG by Kessel at 8:35 and another PPG by Guentzel at 14:06.

Penguins were pushing the attack at the end, but could not get the equalizer past Anaheim G Gibson, a Pittsburgh native, who according to the announcer, made a couple strong saves down the stretch. Also, the Pens had yet another shot go off a post. Big Ben struck one but NO GOAL.

Anaheim completed the scoring with an unassisted ENG from D Hampus Lindholm at 19:59.8, .2 remaining. That was a welcome 3.0 for a fortunate FHL owner.

# # #

Get to relax and listen again tonight as the Pens visit the Staples Center for first meeting of the season against Los Angeles Kings. Pens expended a lot of energy trying to come back against Anaheim. Hope they can at least the loser point out of this game before a Saturday afternoon matinee in San Jose.

This will be the 10th of a league-high 18 times playing on back-to-back days for the Penguins so far this season.
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PostSubject: Re: WEEK 16 (thru Wednesday)   Thu Jan 18, 2018 3:52 pm

I donít go anywhere near NHL.com, unless itís to check/confirm a score. Sheís pretty to look at but her personality sucks.
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PostSubject: Re: WEEK 16 (thru Wednesday)   

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WEEK 16 (thru Wednesday)
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