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PostSubject: WEEK 15 (FINAL)   Mon Jan 15, 2018 8:54 am

Once in full control of the Grimson division the Vegas Vipers are now in danger of missing the playoffs, Tyler Seguin and his slumping squad losing their sixth consecutive match; the team now 7-8 after starting the season 7-2.

Central Red Army: 33.5
Vegas Vipers: 27.0

The Central Red Army retained a share of the Domi division lead with the win, their record now 9-6. In defeat the Vegas Vipers were shoved to the edge of postseason play; their record placing them on the playoff bubble with two other seven-win teams.

Polar Bears: 51.5
Bluliners: 45.4

The Bluliners were good but they weren't good enough, GM Hamilton's team now 10-5 on the season. One week after posting the worst score of the week, the Polar Bears posted the best; GM Elya's schizophrenic squad improving to 9-6.

Wild Ducks: 46.1
Ice Hogs: 35.5

The Wild Ducks have snuck back into the playoff picture, the team improving to 7-8 with the comeback win. The Ice Hogs are also 7-8 - and like the Ducks and Vipers, sit on the sharp edge of the playoffs.

Badger Bob: 29.6
SC Cobras: 13.0

Badger Bob wasn't good but the Grimson division leader was good enough, the team improving to a league-best 11-4. The SC Cobras tumbled to 3-12; their golf clubs packed many weeks ago.

Ice Cats: 47.8
Boulder Flyers: 34.4

The Ice Cats reclaimed a share of the Probert lead with the win, GM Cutshall's squad now 10-5 on the season. Like the SC Cobras, the Boulder Flyers have already booked a tee time, the squad diving to 3-12.

Misconducts: 37.8
Mooses: 27.5

The Misconducts improved to 9-6 with the win, GM Smally's squad still on top of the Domi - tied with the Central Red Army. The Mooses are mathematically still in the playoff chase but the numbers are stacked against them, the team stumbling to 5-10.

Wild Ducks vs. Boulder Flyers
Mooses vs. Ice Hogs
Ice Cats vs. Misconducts
SC Cobras vs. Polar Bears
Vegas Vipers vs. Badger Bob
Central Red Army vs. Bluliners

LINK: Standings
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