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PostSubject: WEEK 14 (FINAL)   Mon Jan 08, 2018 1:14 pm

Drifting toward the Laughing Bag in recent weeks, the Wild Ducks have abruptly reversed course, Evgeni Malkin (2g, 1a, 7 points) leading a 27.2 point Sunday attack, the defending champion Ducks vaulting from 9th place to 5th place in the overall standings.

Wild Ducks: 60.3
Ice Cats: 47.4

A close match for the first six days of the week, the Wild Ducks pounded the Ice Cats on Day 7, GM Collard's team improving to 6-8 with the eyebrow-raising win. With the victory the Ducks remain in the postseason mix; currently seeded 9th, just two games behind the final playoff spot. The loss was painful for the Ice Cats as they were escorted out of the Probert penthouse suite, GM Cutshall's squad now living in second place with a record of 9-5.

Bluliners: 57.4
Vegas Vipers: 53.6

The Bluliners were victorious - fending off the spirited charge of the Vegas Vipers - GM Hamilton's team now the sole owner of the Probert division lead with a league-best record of 10-4. Once the darling of the Grimson division, the Vegas Vipers continue to flounder, the team now officially average with a record of 7-7 - though GM Miller still holds one of the seven playoff cards.

Badger Bob: 61.4
Polar Bears: 22.0

[WARNING: Summary contains disturbing and graphic content and may not be suitable for young readers] Badger Bob clubbed the Polar Bears in Week 14, GM Chester's squad improving to 10-4 with the vicious 39.4 point win. Badger Bob are now two games better than the next best team in the Grimson. The Bobs also cracked the 50.0 point threshold in the chase for the FHL Cup, moving to within 49.9 points of the first place Bluliners. The Polar Bears slumped to 8-6 in defeat, though remain seated well inside the postseason picture as the fourth seeded team.

Mooses: 70.1
Boulder Flyers: 52.2

Quiet for the first five days of the week, the Mooses exploded on the weekend, GM McCormick's team razing the Boulder Flyers with the best score of the week. The comeback victory has allowed the Mooses to keep thinking "playoffs," their season record now 5-9. The Boulder Flyers lost for the 11th time this season, their record beyond dismal; their postseason chances beyond nonexistent.

Ice Hogs: 58.0
Misconducts: 33.2

The Ice Hogs jumped back into the playoff picture with the routine dispatching of the Misconducts, the team now seeded 7th. In the chase for the Probert division title - and an automatic playoff berth - the Hogs trail the Bluliners by three games. Despite the loss the Misconducts remain on top of the Domi, now tied with the Central Red Army with a record of 8-6.

Central Red Army: 45.2
SC Cobras: 32.6

The Central Red Army moved back into their former home - though they now have a roommate - tied with the Misconducts for the Domi division lead; an 8-6 mark placing the Army three games in front of the third place Mooses. In defeat the SC Cobras kept pace with the Boulder Flyers for the distinction "worst H2H team in the league," the snakes now burdened with a record of 3-11.

Misconducts vs. Mooses
Boulder Flyers vs. Ice Cats
Ice Hogs vs. Wild Ducks
Badger Bob vs. SC Cobras
Central Red Army vs. Vegas Vipers
Polar Bears vs. Bluliners

LINK: Standings
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