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PostSubject: WEEK 13 (FINAL)   Tue Jan 02, 2018 12:11 pm

The Boulder Flyers rallied on the final day of the week, netting 17.2 points, but once again fell just short of a win; the hard-luck team - out of H2H playoff contention despite being in the thick of the FHL Cup race - now collared with a league-worst record of 3-10.

Misconducts: 41.1
Boulder Flyers: 40.7
The Misconducts escaped Week 12 with a 0.4 win -  the team improving to 8-5 for the season; a record that places the veteran franchise on top of the Domi division. The Boulder Flyers meanwhile are six games behind the Probert division leader; their long distance playoff hopes now in the hands of something godly, a.k.a., the 1976 version of Linda Ronstadt.

Wild Ducks: 57.6
Mooses: 37.7

The Wild Ducks were the best team of Week 13 - hence, their opponent didn't stand a chance - GM Collard's rejuvenated team improving to 5-8 on the season. The Mooses slumped to 4-9 overall - the team on the verge of of being expelled from postseason contention - their Domi division landlord now screaming "Yo!!! you owe me four games rent!"

Bluliners: 29.1
SC Cobras: 23.7

The Bluliners sucked in Week 13 but they sucked slightly less than the SC Cobras, GM Hamilton's sputtering squad retaining a share of the Probert division lead with the undeserving 5.4 point win. The Cobras slumped to 3-10 in defeat, their woobbly playoff hopes now akin to the 1978 tightrope walk of Karl Wallenda.

Ice Cats: 47.9
Ice Hogs: 38.1
The hot-and-cold Ice Cats were hot enough in Week 13, GM Cutshall's squad retaining their share of the Probert division lead; tied with the Bluliners with a record of 9-4. Flip side: The Ice Hogs were dealt with a "get your butt outta-here loss," the team now seeded 8th overall - a very bad number because only seven teams qualify for postseason play.

Badger Bob: 51.9
Central Red Army: 40.3

Badger Bob thrashed the Central Red Army on the final day of the week - unleashing 19.3 points - the Bobs improving to 9-4 with the hearty win; a record good for a one game lead in the hotly contested Grimson division. The Army banana-peeled to 7-6 in defeat - the sqaud still in the playoff hunt - just one game behind the division-leading Misconducts.

Polar Bears: 37.8
Vegas Vipers: 33.5
What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. As such, the Vegas locals will never know that the Polar Bears laid some serious hurt on their hockey franchise (and their Grimson division title hopes) GM Elya's team improving to 8-5 with the win. The Vipers slipped to 7-6 in defeat, the struggling team now two games shy of the division leader.

Mooses vs. Boulder Flyers
Misconducts vs. Ice Hogs
Wild Ducks vs. Ice Cats
Central Red Army vs. SC Cobras
Badger Bob vs. Polar Bears
Bluliners vs. Vegas Vipers

LINK: Standings­­­
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PostSubject: Karl Wallenda redux   Tue Jan 02, 2018 12:39 pm

Karl Wallenda 1978, as mentioned by Paul in the write-up, very bad.

Karl Wallenda 1976, as witnessed by yours truly in person, ASTONISHING.

I assume Paul was referring to the fall that killed Wallenda on March 22, 1978 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He was attempting to walk a tightrope 121 feet in the air connecting two 10-story towers of a hotel WITHOUT A SAFETY NET. According to Wikipedia, Wallenda fell to his death due to high wind and an improperly secured wire.

This brought to an end the amazing career of the German aerialist. I just have to ask what the hell was Wallenda doing still performing at AGE 73???

Let's turn the clock back to May 31, 1976, with Wallenda AGE 71.

He walked across Veterans Stadium in Philadelphia in between games of a doubleheader between the Phillies and the Cubs. I was there with my buddies from high school. IT WAS ASTONISHING.

Because we were sitting in the top level of the stadium, the infamous 700 Level, it seemed like Wallenda was right at eye level. There was no safety net. And at no time do I remember Wallenda faltering although he did some tricks, such as standing on his head on the wire.

(For me, only one other thing in my life was similar. When I lived in San Francisco, CA, the apartment building I was in was on one of the steepest hills in the city, Clipper Street. So when the Navy Blue Angels performed during Fleet Week, I could sit on my balcony and the planes seemed to be right at eye level. They were a few miles away over the downtown area and San Francisco Bay. But they were at eye level.)

The event took place just a few weeks before the nation's bicentennial on July 4, 1976. Thus, Wallenda was wearing the Phillies bicentennial cap in the photo below.

I am amazed to see Wallenda SMILING in the photo!!!

This was the second time Wallenda successfully walked across the top of Veterans Stadium. The first time was on August 13, 1972, in between games of a doubleheader between the Phillies and the Expos.

Here is link to an article that provides some insight into the first successful walk by Wallenda at Veterans Stadium.

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