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PostSubject: WEEK 12 (FINAL)   Sun Dec 24, 2017 6:02 pm

The weakest division through eleven weeks, the Domi division was the best of Week 12 - all four teams winning their H2H matches - the Central Red Army, Misconducts, Mooses and SC Cobras all improving their chances of qualifying for post-season play.

Mooses: 65.8
Ice Cats: 29.7

A cellar-dweller for much of the season, the Mooses rebounded in a huge way - the best score of the week gifting the former FHL champion their fourth win of the season; the team remaining three games behind the Domi division leaders. The Ice Cats now have company on top of the Probert division, the embarrassing loss leaving the veteran franchise with a record of 8-4.

Bluliners: 56.0
Badger Bob: 54.4

Badger Bob was good on the final day of the week. The Bluliners were better, GM Hamilton's squad improving to 8-4 with the hard-fought victory. With the win the Bluliners add "Best of the Probert" to their already held designation, "Best of the FHL." Badger Bob fell to 8-4 with the loss, the third year franchise still the best of the Grimson; one game better than two teams.

Central Red Army: 46.7
Polar Bears: 16.0

The J.V. version of the Central Red Army could have taken down the Week 12 version of the Polar Bears, GM Buker's squad coasting to a ridiculously easy win. The Army remain atop the Domi with a record of 7-5, tied with the Misconducts for the division lead. The Polar Bears tasted defeat for the fifth time, GM Elya's hacking squad still one game behind fellow loser Badger Bob, the Grimson division leader.

Misconducts: 50.5
Wild Ducks: 49.3

A Mathew Barzal hat trick gave the Wild Ducks reason to believe but the much-needed win would remain elusive, the Wild Ducks losing to the Misconducts by 1.2 points. In defeat the Ducks stumbled to 4-8 on the year, the team now trailing the best of the Grimson by four games. The Misconducts improved to 7-5 - keeping pace with the also victorious Central Red Army - GM Smalley still sitting on top of the Domi.

SC Cobras: 45.4
Vegas Vipers: 41.2

The SC Cobras enjoyed a productive week, the team taking down the heavily favored Vegas Vipers. With a record of 3-9, the snakes remain four games back in the Domi division. Once soaring, the Vegas Vipers have unexpectedly started to descent, the team slumping to 7-5 with the loss. Despite the loss the Vipers remain in the middle of the playoff hunt, trailing the Grimson front-runner by just a single game.

Boulder Flyers: 52.2
Ice Hogs: 36.6

Following the instructions provided to him by Brent Burns, Justin Faulk was finally able to remove his head from his ass, the Boulder Flyers defender (2 goals, 9.0 points) leading his team to a rare victory; the Flyers now 3-9 for the season. The Ice Hogs are all square, the team now 6-6 on the year, two games behind the Bluliners and Ice Cats in the Probert division.

Ice Cats vs. Ice Hogs
Boulder Flyers vs. Misconducts
Mooses vs. Wild Ducks
Badger Bob vs. Central Red Army
Polar Bears vs. Vegas Vipers
SC Cobras vs. Bluliners

LINK: Standings
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Let's Go Pens!!!

Let's Go Pens!!!

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PostSubject: CONGRATS Bluliners   Sun Dec 24, 2017 7:39 pm

A great win for one team and a tough loss for the other.

To give me a reason to smile following this result and since my NFL picks today were awful, the attached video tips Penguins helmet to the Day of the Domi.

What I view as a great victory by Tie Domi -- over a drunken Flyers' fan.

Just unbelievable that Flyers' then idiot color commentator Gary Dornhoefer came to the conclusion that this was all Domi's fault. Did Domi cause the guy to scale the glass? Did Domi caused the glass to collapse?

Have to assume the fan was cursing up a storm to get a mild reaction from Domi -- squirt of water.

And if I listened closely to the audio, am sure the other non-genius at that time on the Flyers' TV broadcasting team Steve Coates would have had something equally inane to say.

I NEVER get tired of watching this. Just like I NEVER get tired of watching The Godfather Trilogy and any Dirty Harry movies and Kelly's heroes with Clint.

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