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 WEEK 11 (thru Monday)

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PostSubject: WEEK 11 (thru Monday)   Tue Dec 12, 2017 3:17 pm

John Gibson was good on Monday, the Badger Bob backstop posting a 28 save, 2.8 point win, his best-of-Monday team moving into 4th place in the overall standings.

Boulder Flyers: 0.0
Badger Bob: 8.3

The Boulder Flyers, 2-8, are already sitting in an all too familiar hole, GM Morgan's did-nothing team trailing Badger Bob and their league-best 7-3 record by 8.3 points. While the Bobs are mostly focused on a win, they also have an eye on the overall standings as they now trail second place by just 11.3 points.

Bluliners: 5.0
Wild Ducks: 6.4

The meeting of two Original Six franchises is typically a must-see match. Not this time as the on-fire Bluliners play the on-life-support Wild Ducks. After one day however the Ducks don't appear to be following the script, GM Collard's point-constipated squad leading the favored Bluliners by 1.4.

Ice Hogs: 2.0
Central Red Army: 1.0

An important match for both franchises as the Central Red Army, 5-5, hope to remain on top of the Domi division; the Ice Hogs, 6-4, are looking to reel-in the Probert-leading Ice Cats. After one day the match has barely budged, the favored Hogs leading the Army by 1.0.

Misconducts: 0.0
Vegas Vipers: 2.0

This non-divisional bout features two first place teams - the Misconducts tops of the Domi (tied with the Army) and the Vegas Vipers, the best of the Grimson (tied with the Bobs). Most of the betting money is on the Vipers as GM Miller's 7-3 record tops the 5-5 mark held by the Misconducts.

Polar Bears: 1.0
Mooses: 2.0

With a record of 6-4, the Polar Bears are just one game behind the two Grimson division leaders. A win could place the Bears squarely in the post-season picture. The Mooses are a bit more desperate for a victory, GM McCormick's team two games back despite their lackluster record of 3-7.

Ice Cats: 2.0
SC Cobras: 2.4

Like the Mooses, the SC Cobras still have a toe in the playoff picture despite their dismal record; the 2-8 snakes only three games back of the Domi leaders. The Ice Cats meanwhile hope to remain seated on the Probert division throne, GM Cutshall's team bringing their bright-and-shiny 7-3 record to Week 11.

LINK: Standings
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WEEK 11 (thru Monday)
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