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 WEEK 9 (thru Tuesday)

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PostSubject: WEEK 9 (thru Tuesday)   Wed Nov 29, 2017 12:51 pm

Drifting in and out of the basement - their season on the ropes - the Mooses are in dire need of points. On Tuesday it was Ben Bishop to the rescue, the Mooses goaltender answering the call for help by delivering a 34 save, 6.8 point shutout.

SC Cobras: 16.8
Mooses: 17.7
The Battle of the Basement©® has suddenly become a heated affair - both the SC Cobras and Mooses shining on Tuesday; the snakes carding 14.0 points while the Mooses bagged 16.7. When the ice spray settled it was the Mooses in front, GM McCormick's never-say-die team leading the we're-not-dead-yet Cobras by 0.9.

Central Red Army: 20.0
Boulder Flyers: 19.8

In 3rd place three days ago and 8th place just yesterday, the yo-yoing Boulder Flyers are in 3rd place again, a league-best 17.8 point Tuesday returning GM Morgan's team to the money. The Flyers H2H fortunes have also improved. Once trailing by a lot, the birds are now just 0.2 steps behind the Central Red Army.

Misconducts: 21.7
Bluliners: 19.0
The methodical Bluliners continue to compile enough points to keep every team at bay, a 12.0 point outing providing GM Hamilton with a thick 31.9 point lead. The Bluliners have also skated closer to the Misconducts in this non-divisional match, GM Smalley's team now just 2.7 points in front.

Polar Bears: 29.7
Wild Ducks: 15.3
The sickly Wild Ducks coughed-up a single point which was no match for the Polar Bears and their 6.7 point outing, GM Elya's fast-starting team still operating on cruise control, the Bears currently 14.4 points better than the Ducks.

Ice Cats: 9.3
Vegas Vipers: 13.9

There was nothing to write home about here as both teams were uncharacteristically average; the Vegas Vipers held to 5.9 points while the Ice Cats collected just 5.0. As a result the Vipers padded their lead slightly, GM Miller's 6-2 team now 4.6 points better than the also 6-2 Cats.

Badger Bob: 8.7
Ice Hogs: 10.0

Badger Bob has done an about-face as a 1.0 point showing dropped the Bobs into 7th place in the overall standings. The anemic effort has also dropped Badger Bob into a H2H divot, GM Henry and his Ice Hogs now leading this non-division tussle by 1.3 points.

LINK: Standings
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WEEK 9 (thru Tuesday)
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